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Quantum Hypnosis

By changing the past, we heal and create a better and brighter future!

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But is it possible to change the past?

Isn't that a little paradoxical?

And yet it is not. The findings of Neuroscience show us that every time we recall a memory from the memory banks, that we make some changes, add emotions and magnify everything that made an impression on us.

The result is that we never recall a memory in exactly the same way! This often happens, for example when we recount an event.

So what does Neuroscience tell us? That we are constantly changing our past! The downside of this is that traumatic experiences become increasingly ugly in our minds, resulting in a new experience, a new past that has a direct impact on the version of ourselves we are today.

In Quantum Hypnosis we remove any negative baggage from the past and connect with your Higher Self. Then you tell your Higher Self the problem you're having or the pattern you've identified, and as we ask it to show us the moment the problem arose, it takes us to the root memory, which we're going to change.

Quantum Hypnosis takes place while you are in the Theta state of the brain and for this very reason its effects are powerful and immediate.

Below you will find typical examples of people who did Quantum Hypnosis

A case of a person who did Quantum Hypnosis helped him in the field of relationships. He complained that he was like "invisible" to the opposite sex when he went out for coffee or drinks, even though he was quite good looking.

We did a Quantum Hypnosis session in which our Higher Self told us to go back to a memory from when she was still a baby and was nursing. We followed the guidance and changed that memory accordingly.

After the session, he went for coffee at his usual time and surprisedly called me from there saying: "Until now no girl from the shop saw me, but today they kept coming and asking me if I'm okay and if everything is ok".

A girl suffered from panic attacks and gastrointestinal problems. He also had this particular phobia: Every time he went to the cinema he wore a mask because there were too many people in the theater. He had microbiophobia. Classical medicine had no solution to give her, he could not make a diagnosis.

Before we started, I checked her on the bioresonance machine and saw that she had the Epstein Barr virus in her stomach. This virus can be treated like any other virus, with a 15 day course of treatment, giving the homeopathic antidote. The problem was that she refused to take the homeopathic medicine so I gave her a Quantum Hypnosis session.

During Quantum Hypnosis, we asked her Higher Self to take us to the root of the problem, where it started.

Then the girl surprised me and said "I'm at school and I had forgotten that we all drank water from the same bottle that day". She herself did not remember this event, but her Higher Self helped her to remember it.

Then I asked her to go into that memory and advise herself not to drink from that bottle. And so he did. She went to herself when she was still at school and told her "Don't drink from that bottle or you'll get in trouble". So her past self didn't drink from that bottle.

After the session he was a completely different person. Her parents noticed the same thing and when I checked her again on the bioresonance machine she no longer had the virus. He no longer had panic attacks, nor gastrointestinal problems. Now she doesn't wear a mask when she goes out and she doesn't have microbiophobia.

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