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The Book That Writes Itself

The Book - Phenomenon - a Channeled Book

What famous people said about this book
Richard Bach, Dr Kafatos - Physicist and co-author of Deepak Chopa

Richard Bach

 "What you say happened to you was just what happened to me at the beginning of Jonathan Seagull. I’d correct that, though, and say it was not like seeing a video. It was almost as if I were there, watching a real event.

That’s been true for me ever since, only lacking that breathtaking sudden awareness of being-there that I experienced.

You are not crazy. Or it could be that you are crazy, but so am I. And I agree with you: it seems to be some other expression of life that needs our typing skills and our vocabulary to communicate what it knows. It’s happy that our name is printed as author of the book and that it’s us who spend the money that came from our strange experience."

Read the whole dialogue that Korina had with Richard Bach HERE



Foreword from Dr. Menas Kafatos Ph.D

Fletcher Jones Endowed

Professor of Computational Physics 

Chapman University

(Co-writer of Deepak Chopra)


"How can a book write itself?

This means that it’s written thanks to inspiration, automatically.

Korina is the medium, the vehicle, for bringing information from 
elsewhere, not her mind. This information comes from non-linear time.

From levels beyond the physical space.
As the author explains, the intuitive ability of the heart plays a pivotal role in the 
book, the association with the worlds of the light, dreamworlds. 

Worlds, where Fairies live, where imagination and dreams make up reality.

This book opens up ways of communication with parallel universes.
Read it and step into magical worlds."

Menas C. Kafatos Ph.D





Message from the author


How does it feel when your future self pays a visit and imparts a book coming from the very depth of the Akashic records?

It confides to you of a story of an elf who finds out that humans do really exist in reality not only in fairy tales.

The moment you believe you’re writing a fairy tale all of a sudden the elf takes hold of a mission.

It goes to the bowels of hollow Earth, meets extra terrestrials and discovers  the real story of planet Earth  and the Universe.

The elf travels to parallel universes, experiences lucid dreaming, finds out about the Twin Flames and spends time with the most weird creatures that duel in the upper  levels of existence.

All the above take place as the elf  goes through the dark night of the soul.

As a result his world changes and realizes that he is capable of doing anything.

When you have finished reading the book for the third time ,your third eye will be open, your aura will be empowered, your brain and your DNA will be activated.

Magical things will start happening to you as you begin to communicate with your Higher Self, you will receive guidance and inspirations from him.

The outcome from all these is discovering your true mission on planet Earth.

Maya is a creature coming from the future. Her mission is to get across some messages to the human race. This is the reason why she transmits this book trough some kind of channeling.

Maya is a messenger, the writers future self who transmitted this book in just 49 hours of writing.

Crystallizing the essence of her feelings in her brain, peeling the layers of truth and searching for a higher vision of reality.



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