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Now your Wish can come True!

No matter what is your wish, dream or goal, Korina can help you enjoy 100% successful results!

She has created several Plans for any kind of budget.


First of all, you have to know that everything, absolutely everything is possible! And Dr Korina is here to help you.

You are not alone anymore, and we mean that.

Korina is a person that FEELS for each and every client of her. She wants to see everyone happy!

The programs she has created, will lead you to achieve your goals 100%.


The usual question is how long will it take.

You have to keep in mind, that the time needed differs from person to person.

Other persons have more subconscsious blocks about relationships, other persons have more about money, etc.

So it depends on how many and how deep are your blocks, when it comes to your wish, goal, dream. 

For sure, Reality Change is not an easy subject. It's like cracking the Matrix code and press "play" to a parallel universe, where everything is totally different - which is exactly what happens with this coaching method - but now is 100% DOABLE!

Good News! 

Usually  the Express Intensive Coaching Program

delivers results in weeks!

The Force of multiplier

Taking care every aspect of your being

In all Coaching Programs, we use all the manifestation techniques.

All the techniques are needed. And in a moment, I will show you why.

But the KEY is on how often you use each technique and this is why the Express Intensive Program makes the difference!

The reason we need all the techniques, is that if you are serious about creating a totally new reality, you have to work on all levels.


  • Conscious level 

  • Subconscious level

  • Energetical level

  • Space-Time level 


We all know that conscious delivers results on reality creation only by 5-10%. The big boss is the subconscious.

We do the subconscious work together, when you practice the techniques.

The rest of your everyday life depends on how you handle your thoughts and your beliefs on the conscious level. 

So we don't want you to block what we do together by doing mistakes on the conscious level.

That's why you need a lot of tips and manifestation secrets, in order to have the right attitude in your everyday life.


Let's see which techniques correspond to each level.








Conscious Level

Tips, secrets, theory = through theory sessions & how to apply them in everyday life

Seminars, Audios, Videos, Books

Subconscious Level

Maya Technique Neuroplasticity Transformation & Belief Change Technique

Gold Manifestation Subconscious Reprograming

Time - Space Level

Quantum Journey 

The Time-Space Miracle!

Energetical Level

Advanced Lemurian Healing Wand Technique

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