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Frequency Paintings

Example of miraculous healing with the use of "Neurotransmitters Activation" Frequency Painting!

Ioanna's mother suffered from Parkinson's disease. Aware of the miraculous healing experienced by a woman with multiple sclerosis through the mystical powers of the "Neurotransmitters Activation" Frequency Painting —Ioanna embarked on a silent mission. 
Without informing her mother, who was an elderly lady and might not have grasped the concept about the transcendent nature of the Painting, Ioanna discreetly placed the artwork in her mother's living room.
As the weeks unfolded, the cosmic energies of the painting interwove with the very fabric of her mother's being, and within a month, she was gracefully liberated from the clutches of Parkinson's disease!

--> The first contact: Korina's future self activated her in a Lucid Dream - Since then she is connected all the tim

--> This link marks the beginning of the captivating journey with frequency paintings:

"A new kind of Art, a new potential opened for me, through Lucid Dreaming!" READ THE STORY HERE

About the Frequency Paintings
--> Every one of Korina's paintings is designed to harmonize with your energy, aligning it with the precise frequency of the intended vibration. This alignment ultimately transforms your reality, shaped by the unique vibrational essence each artwork embodies.


--> The relationship of frequencies with good health and consciousness starts to be proven by science. For example, the research done in 2017 by the University of Tehran entitled "The effects of 528Hz sound frequency to the death of human cells" proved that some specific frequencies can detoxify cells and activate DNA repair.

--> Korina’s Frequency paintings express strong frequencies and active information. This information manifests then in your physical experience, when you have the paintings in your living space or when you wear them. You radiate this frequency and you help others around you as well!

*** The whole universe is made from information expressed in the form of frequencies.

You can see some of the Frequency Paintings HERE


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