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We create a brighter future

Being in contact with other fields of existence

Our mission

Korina's Academy is part of a larger project that aims to help humanity move to a new civilization, a New Earth.

To achieve this, man must rediscover his imagination, find joy, knowledge through the remembrance of who he really is, the knowledge that his superconscious mind has, fearlessness, faith and trust in the universe and his harmonization with his higher self which is none other than his cosmic identity and consciousness, when it is attuned to higher realms of existence.

The teachings

• Are dedicated to ideals and spirituality

• Connect Spirituality with modern science

• Turn dreams and goals into courage, so that these can come true

• Transform hope into real inspiration.

• Help man to discover his inner strength through essential joy.

The word “human” in Greek is “Anthropos” and comes etymologically from “ano – throsko” (look up), which means not just look up, but leave the commonplace, the earthy, the matrix and aim to remember again who you were before you forgot everything by entering this virtual reality we live in. Learn to make the right choices of love, instead of choices of fear, and so gradually throw away the selfish mind which brings all the misery.

Earth is experiencing a great shift

Is first time on the planet that the Schumann resonance has reached 200Hz!


But... what is Schumann resonance and how it affects us?

Schumann calculated the frequency at 7.83 hertz, which is the exact same frequency as alpha waves emitted from the human brain. As we know, alpha waves influence our immune system or, when out of balance, they can alter our stress and anxiety levels. In alpha we are more relaxed, more creative and imaginative, we learn better, analyze less and our body’s physiology changes to more of an inner balance.

A lot of research and studies occurred  which have proved that Schuman resonance affects directly human's brain and consciousness (and vice versa).

So, the earth's frequency was always 7.83Hz. 

However, this resonance has increased slightly since 1980 and more significantly since 1997. By 2013 we were at 12Hz and this rate was expected to reach 13Hz. In June 2014, recorders at the Russian Space Station showed a sudden increase.


Nowadays we observe spikes of 200Hz!

Earth is going through a massive shift!

Humans must be able to resonate with earth's new frequency in order to survive, to be creative, to function in a normal way.

So nowadays is more critical than ever to live in high vibrations.

To live in joy and happiness.



Rise of Consciousness - Enlightment


We all strive for enlightment, but none can ever reach the point of enlightment if first is not living in high vibrations. That's why is critical, now more than ever, to manifest what we want, in order to have not only abundance and health, but also fulfillment.



Fulfillment comes only If we find who we really are and what our true mission is!

To find our passion and to make an impact in other people's lives.

This is what we are here to do for you.


  • To help you 


  • Rise your vibration


  • Rise your Consciousness


  • Find your mission


  • Manifest your dreams and goals


  • Have this important connection with your Higher Self


Korina's Academy is the precursor of the

Global Academy of Consciousness

Anything can happen here

YOU are the creator of your own reality

Use wisely our teachings

Use our healing methods with a heart full of LOVE




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