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Implementation ability assessment test - creating reality!

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Ability Test

Manifestation ability & reality creation test

The activation of your creativity power has two stages

  1. Belief change – You may need to completely change your beliefs both at conscious and at subconscious level. It depends on how right your beliefs are. (Wrong beliefs are all the limiting beliefs, that make us create realities we don't prefer and don't want. Your limiting beliefs are responsible for whatever you live and don't like.



2. Learning how to control the consciousness


To begin, you have to get rid of the belief that you live in a world you can't control, and get the belief that you live in a world you can control.

Having this new belief, you have to realize that the high tech reality control device you've been searching for, is your own consciousness.

You consciousness is your universe-given tool, to change and create your reality.

The successful reality control comes from within you and not outside of you.

An uncontrollable consciousness is like a wild animal, a nasty animal. This uncontrollable animal is led by other things to do what it does, things like emotions, needs and desires (we will name them consciousness motivational powers leading to the intentional reality creation).

But when the consciousness is in an uncontrollable situation, then it wanders free, like a wild animal.

When a specific factor overwhelms the beast, then the factor becomes the new leader of the beast's world

(All these factors belong to the EGO, more specifically to our fears and the worst of them is anger).


This random consciousness  is what you want to avoid, because it creates random uncontrollable realities, which will simply trap you.




You have to tame all these consciousness motiavtional powers, show them how to co-operate in order to get what each wants, needs and desires.

In order to understand what I am trying to tell you, let's see some common patterns that show an uncontrollable, wild and untamed consciousness, which means uncontrollable reality creation.

  • Do you experience mind wandering?

Does your mind wander in a regular basis, going from one thing to another? In other words, would the things you think in 2 hours belong in 10 different categories?

Every number higher than 10, in a 2 hour period, leads in mind wandering.

Mind wandering is one of the worst things that undermine your reality control and is a sign that your consciousness is an untamed beast.


  • Do you focus on the negative side of things? When in a relationship, it seems like you have forgotten the positive things and you remember really well only the bad ones. If in a day you had 1 hour of positive experience and 5 of negative, would you prefer to focus on the 5 negative hours instead of the 1 positive?


  • Do people usually tell you, that you get your own arbitrary conclusions, because of how you interpreted a specific event? And when they correct your own false conclusion, are you capable of believing the conclusion they gave you or does it seem like your brain is stuck in what you believed at first place?


  • Do you avoid setting goals, because you think of every thing that can go wrong? Do people around you complain about you focusing on the negative things?

If any of these is true, then your feelings control your consciousness and NOT YOU!

Feelings, when used appropriately, can become your motive to create the reality. But when you allow your feelings to get the upper hand, the their wild side takes control! The uncontrollable feelings such as anger – you must have seen a lot of angry people saying «I need my time when I'm angry». This means that they cannot control their fear and due to knowing that, they need plenty of time until they are calm again.  This happens because their fear is like a beast at that moment, as said above. In other words, they are controlled by this feeling. If they could control their fear, then they could instantly calm down.

This emotional outbreak is the most catastrophic form of reality control and another strong sign that there is a huge uncontrolled consciousness monster inside you.


  • Do you usually feel mentally drained or instead often have creative ideas?

Continuous mentally drain is a sign of poor inner power regulation. Not having enough inner power and enough control of it means that you should expect that the reality you live is controlled by anything else than you. If you don't have enough inner power and the necessary courage to change yourself, then no matter how much mental strength you have, it's not going to help you. Bad inner power management is another way to destroy your reality control by yourself and another example that there is something wild inside you. A wild, ferocious, uncontrollable consciousness.


  • Do you consciously understand the thought - creation mechanism?

When not knowing how a machine works – even more a such high inner technology – we block our ability to use it.

A computer is useless when someone doesn't know how to use it. The thought - creation reality is the same. Your consciousness needs to know how to use the inner and outer machines to obtain the control of the reality and the world around you. Otherwise, you will be like a wild animal searching for food and acting only with its instict. This animal may manage to eat well one time, other times not so well and other times not at all, because it has no control on its reality. It's caught by its instict. So, if you don't understand the inner and outer reality creation machines, your consciousness will only act based on its instict, in a primitive level.


If you answered YES in some or all the questions, this doesn;t make you incapable of working on reality creation. It just makes you illiterate on this topic.

Being literate about how consciousness works and how it adequately works, is just losing  your personal pores of energy, money, time etc.


You live in a rapidly changing world and this is why reality creation is needed. You can learn how to tame the beast, in order to make the world around you, as good as possible, for yourself and everyone else.

Having a controllable and tamed consciousness, you can bring miracles to your life. Nothing bad will surprise you, because nothing bad will happen, except if you create it. You will be creating the world you want and need.

There won't be any problem coming up suddenly. If your creation contains anything bad, you are going to know this beforehand, because you will be consciously creating it.


(Trudeau Seminars help the last thing. They have been translated and enriched.)


Your mind won't be an unmapped place anymore. You will be conscious about whatever you think and what it is capable of bringing in your reality at any time. Moreover, you will know why you react in such way in specific conditions. When an unusual or unwanted situation occurs, you will have the power to act in such way, to get the wanted result. You will be the master of your fate and the guide of your destiny.





You create your world!


No other state is more real. Now it's your time to learn how. Make the first step and I will help you with the second.

The first step was given in our seminar. We proved, as modern Science has lately shown, that everything, the whole universe depends on our way of thinking.


In the seminar - which you can get recorded - it was proven in front of your very own eyes by the evidence of the best Physicists, who don't belong to the system, but also from Nicolas Tesla's teachings!

I have prepared for you another step, we also did that together, but you have to remember how you felt in the seminar. You realizeed that you can and you have the power to change the world , your own universe, no matter if there is war at other people's universes.


Creating realities is a thing you do from the time you were a kid and even earlier, before even being born. Let's get to the second step to learn how to appropriately use these inner tools, which will make you, which will make you get the control of the best gift you have, your consciousness.



Worksheet Notes:


There's a worksheet below.

It is a short but important questionnaire, a test designed to show your level in the reality creation.

Please answer it, because the power of this questionnaire is to show you the differenece when returning in it, after finishing the first part of the seminaras and taking the test again.

The new result, will show how far you want and what you need to do in reality creation.

Every question is such designed to get your attention in every ability you need to create realities!


This is how you are going to know where to pay attention in seminars!


The first question shows how positive you are about your reality.

The second question shows how well you can control your lower self, your insticts, your animal part.

The thrid question shows how musch you can focus at the moment.

The fourth question shows how well you can control your inner power.

The fifth question shows how easily other people can influence you.

Answer the questions below, choosing only the choice that describes your actions the best. Next, write down the points, sum them and see in which category you belong.


1. When in a crisis (e.g. financial, failure, fight) you:


A. Imagine the worst outcome.

e.g. there's a fight in your realtionship, will you say "Now the whole day is gonna be bad!"?

B. First think of the negative outcome, but then consciously try to think of the positive outcome and make it.

C. First think of the positive outcome, but then think only of the negative one.

D. Think of ONLY the positive outcome.



2. When you are hungry and cannot eat for a period of time, you:


A. Keep thinking of food, of how hungry you are, even if you have a really serious conversaton, you will cut it out and put the food up, you may start thinking of food, you may be starting to get angry because you didn't eat yet, in the end you may suddenly interrupt the conversation angrily saying "I must eat!".

B. Think of food, but neither imagine of it nor get angry.

C. Are fighting to keep your focus on what you are doing and not think of food.

D. You realize that you need food, but you can set it for a lot late.


3. When you hear someone speaking to you, your mind:


A. Thinks of any other stuff, while hearing and in the end you don't even know or remember what was said.

B. Thinks of other things, while hearing but you always know and remember what was said.

C. Wanders from time to time.

D. Absolutely focuses on the conversation.


4. How would you evaluate your total energy performance?


A. I often feel tired, lifeless and without creative mood the most part of the day.

B. I feel tired and energyless after having normal contact with other people.

C. I usually feel alive and energetic, but after being in contact with specific people and activities, I feel exhausted.

D. I usually feel alive and full of energy the whole day and at the end of the day I have the mood of meeting with a lot of people (meaning that you don't sleep at noon, comfortably socializing and not get bothered from people annoying you)


5. When in a group of people or socializing with others, I :


A. Feel as if I have little will power and usually do what other people want.

B. Feel as if I have little will power and usually do what the majority wants.

C. Have the control of myself and of my actions, except if I have specific people around me.

D. Always have total control of myself and of my actions, not concerning who is around me. (e.g. the majority decides to sit in a shop that is very cold or has really loud music and you can't stand it, will you leave, or sit because you don't want to)




Choose A, B, C or D and then check your results/


Good Luck!



A = 25 points

B = 50 points

C = 75 points

D = 100 points



500 points = Master Reality Creator

400 - 475 = Reality Guru

200 - 375 = Mystic Who Fights For Reality

125 – 175 = Master of Disaster

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