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Korina's Academy
Aetherial Manifestation Coaching

Was characterized as 
The nr. 1 Spiritual Manifestation Coach
by the coaching team of Jay Abraham


Text me on Viber: +30 690 6069 077

A non ordinary coaching

Transform to an auto-manifestator!

After a heart surgery Korina started to have a special connection with her Higher and Future Self, downloaded her book from Akashic records in 49 hours of writing and advanced manifestation and healing techniques.

She knows how to activate your brain and rise your consciousness!
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Korina created the "Aetherial Manifestation Coaching" method and the "Maya" technique.

A manifestation technique which deletes limiting subconscious beliefs in seconds, with measurable results, using Matrix vortexes while simultaneously changing the neuroplasticity of your brain.


She is considered a Dream Hacker-writer by the Luciding Inc. community that is part of Arianna Huffington's and Thrive Global, where she was asked to be a lucid dreaming author for their platform.

Korina is a pilot, writer and medical doctor.


Specialized in:


  • Homeopathy

  • Energy Medicine

  • Frequency Medicine and bio resonance

  • Lucid Dreaming

  • Subconscious Reprogramming

  • Hypnotherapy

  • Advanced Lemurian Techniques

  • Channeling

  • Frequency Paintings Creation for manifestation and healing

  • Healing melodies

  • Development of new talents through coordination with parallel universes

  • Contact with future selves – the ones who managed to get out of matrix and know how to create the Optimal Timeline.

  • Telepathy - Telekinesis  You can see some examples in the 3 videos available at the following link:

Recently, the HeartMaths Institute proved that when we see an image, it is our heart that reacts first, not our brain. Then the heart sends the message to our brain and it reacts accordingly. Indeed, the heart always reacts a few seconds before the eye sees the image. It is as if the heart predicts what kind of image is to follow. This is the so-called "Intuitive Capacity Of The Heart".


Korina's Academy will enhance this ability, leading to the activation of empathy. Korina promotes the activation of the intuitive capacity of the heart, clairvoyance and imagination. She helps people "see with their heart", while enhancing the heart's electromagnetic field, which is much stronger than that of the brain.

The heart generates the strongest electromagnetic field, with the result that the information stored in it, affects every organ and cell of our body. An enhanced cardiac electromagnetic field implies an enhanced immune system (physical and psychological) leading to better overall health.

Moreover, as this vivid imagination is activated in our fifth brain, or otherwise in our heart-brain (as neurologists call the heart), the usual Alpha Waves that are generated when we read a conventional book, for example, are emitted, but Theta Waves.

These teachings have been applied for 8 years already by Korina, for people in Greece and abroad with sessions and videotaped techniques that were done purely through the internet, with great success and there is a file with a plethora of testimonies.

Results - Benefits

Manifestation of your goals and dreams

Download new talents

Activation of the brain, DNA, aura

Activation of imagination

Cultivation of the intuitive ability of the heart

Increase in the electromagnetic field of the heart

Health and wellbeing






Hello Korina, I would like you to add me to your group. Using the Reality Change Technique you helped me lose 20 kgs and be again proud of myself... I want to tell you a BIG thank you! I want you to know that you help loads of people!

Amanda's Channel - Psychic Reader & Life Coach 

I used this technique for the first time (clearly visualizing what I want) and I got it manifested a few months after... I'm really happy!

Maria M. (1 year ago)

I'm grateful, it totally works. I won't tell you what I asked for, I'm gonna keep it secret so that it will still work, but I got it really fast. If there's something extra about this technique please upload it. Amazing! You resonate and it works.

Giota K. (1 year ago)

Thank you very much Korina, it worked from the other day for me. Super!

* Our techniques and seminars are constantly updated, enriched, multiplied, because almost every day there is a "download" of information and new material!

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