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The Full Story

videotaped - from the comfort of your own home

Travel across spacetime and gather information from...
Conversations with God!

Is it possible? 
Can it be taught?

The story of Tom
How the CIA began to deal with communication with the Divine

Tom Campbell, worked in the US Army as a Physicist with all that entails... 

At one point, he was asked to visit the Bob Monroe Institute to judge whether what Bob wrote in his books was true.

In these books, Bob wrote about his experiences regarding Astral Projection or Out of Body Experiences. 

Tom read the book and thought "if all this is true it really is something terrible!

I'll go investigate!"

At the same time, Bob was begging for a scientist to be found, to do experiments and bring proof of what he was experiencing!

So when Tom, the US Army physicist, showed up, Bob happily agreed to investigate the phenomenon.

Bob trained Tom to get out of his body. Tom was a good student, had bright ideas and was quick to learn. He learned to do what we call "Processing multiple parallel realities at once"

that is, while his body was in this reality and his consciousness in the other, in the out-of-body reality, in the astral field as many call it... he managed, thanks to the experiment, to speak and describe the entire adventure he experienced there.

By the way, this is the point I want those I teach to reach, which is not difficult.

Already if you have done the 1st seminar on Lucid Dreaming and communication with the wider consciousness, you will be ready for the 2nd part that I am preparing where we will do this together!


So with Tom, another scientist from the army had gone. He also joined the experiments. 

Everyone was locked in a separate room with absolute soundproofing.

Bob had set up machines and was recording them both.

They would arrange to meet "in the astral", and they would start their adventure in the astral together.

Everyone was talking and being recorded as they said what they were seeing and doing.

Then they compared the recordings and indeed at the same time they were experiencing their shared adventure without changing either 

one detail in the description. 

The US Army and the CIA have recorded an entire report on these experiments and for many years they hid page 25 of this report. 

On the internet they released the report but you could never find page 25.

It was finally revealed by the Monroe Institute. What this page says, for obvious reasons you will see and analyze it in the 2nd part of the seminar when we do it together via zoom,


In 2018 I was taught by Tom Campbell himself all that he had learned for so many years and all that the CIA investigated.

I learned them experientially and lived them. In fact, I was the only one who, as Tom said, did the shift on those days of the seminar and there were 100 of us there!

That's why he allowed me to teach it in Greek and I'm currently the only one in the world who teaches it like Tom.

While in Tom's seminars each trainee pays for the binaural beats,Tom gives the Greeks a gift of all binaural beatsused by the CIA as well as his most advanced ones and throughout the 4 day seminar we work with them!

How you can experience this 4-day seminar

Many of you in the implementation team have been wanting to experience this for a long time but found it expensive.

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Initiation that gradually evolves and acquires NEW FEATURES!

INITIATION RESULTS - What we know so far because this initiation is evolving and we will notice other new features! 

THE INITIATION which brought a MIRACLE to the health of the only person from the group who has it and as the initiation develops it now helps him to see his past lives!
Which means it activates new strands of DNA!

This man even though he has had 2 doses of vaccine and from what we have seen so far, his health problem should be getting worse, instead he is constantly improving!


This initiation costs 1800 euros but you will receive it as a GIFT together with the seminar in this offer.


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Good luck

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