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And God said... "Let there be Silence"


A true story & collection of poems that

will inspire you as you read them

In the transformative pages of "And God said... let there be... silence," readers are taken on a profound journey of healing and self-discovery. This unique and metaphysical book weaves together the true story of Mary, a woman who encountered the divine through quantum hypnosis, and a collection of potent poetry composed after each of her transformative sessions with her therapist. Dive deep into Mary's extraordinary experiences as she meets God in the mystical realm of quantum hypnosis, finding healing and a profound sense of purpose. Through her story, you will gain a newfound appreciation for the power of silence and its ability to facilitate personal growth and self-realization. The book's captivating poetry carries transformative energy, reflecting the insights and revelations Mary experienced during her quantum hypnosis sessions. As you immerse yourself in these verses more than three times, you will begin to experience subtle shifts in your aura and DNA, leading you towards a more profound connection with the divine. "And God said... let there be... silence" emphasizes the importance and healing effects of silence in our lives. It invites readers to rediscover themselves through the practice of quietude and reflection, forging a deep connection with the divine and remembering their true essence. Embark on a metaphysical journey to the core of your being with "And God said... let there be... silence" and uncover the transformative power of silence, poetry, and divine connection. Allow this extraordinary book to guide you towards a deeper understanding of yourself and the universe, as you awaken to the divine light within.

Preface by Dimitris Klouvas

Healer - Author

As we delved into the boundless realm of the soul, my cherished friend, healer, medical doctor, and spiritual guide Korina Lymnioudi, and I encountered a portal to the ineffable. In an instant, when souls intertwine, a genuine and profound transcendent healing emerges... Beyond the constraints of space-time continuum... Where necessity transforms into strength... In the resonance of truth and the harmony of emotions... When one soul yields to another... miracles commence. Through the ethereal flame of the soul and the body's yearning, memories spanning from the dawn of existence, before birth, and into the present unfurl in the labyrinth of eternity. A timeless sea of healing cascades, weaving together the tapestry of art, wisdom, and tradition. Transcending the Celestial Gateway, uncovering the veracity and Cosmic Luminescence, God says, "Let there be silence"... *learn more about Dimitris Klouvas in the book.

And God said... "Let there be... Silence" English Book Korina Lymnioudi
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Message from the author:

Moments of magic can bring forth the deepest depths of your being, revealing the hidden mysteries of your soul. In these moments, a cry from within can manifest as a powerful force, shaking the very foundation of your existence. It is when this cry is heard by the right people, those who understand the language of the universe, that true alchemy can occur. Through their guidance and support, these magical moments can transform your being and help you unlock the full potential of your divine essence.

Learn more about the author, Korina Lymnioudi here.
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