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Frequency Art (Assets)
A part of The Magic Project


Your inspirational journey begins...

All About our Frequency Art

5D frequency products to help you rise your consciousness


How it all started

Everything started when Korina had her Near Death Experience (NDE)

and became a Walk In with changed and upgraded consciousness.
You can find out the story of her NDE here:

Korina started to receive advanced frequency tools which are meant to help humanity.

Watch what Frank Jacob said about Korina, walk-ins & interdimensional messages WATCH HERE 

Our Frequency Tools

The Book 

Why this book will increase your health and aura, and activate your brain and DNA! READ HERE

- Mystical, metaphysical experiences and miraculous healing stories Testimonies and Impact READ HERE

- Two video testimonials - two miracles that you don't want to miss!
Katerina describes how her leg got lengthened 2,5 cm just by reading the book for few days!
Yvonne describes how she met and talked with the Light Being who gave the book to Korina through channeling! WATCH HERE

- What famous people - Richard Bach & co-writer of Deepak Chopra - said about The Book That Writes Itself



- A little video about the book - WATCH HERE

Our Frequency Paintings

Traditional Digital Art & AI art

About The Frequency Paintings READ HERE  how it all started, how they work and miraculous healing (Parkinson's disease, Multiple Sclerosis, etc.)

- Gallery of some of the Traditional Digital Frequency Paintings HERE

- Gallery of some of the AI Frequency Paintings HERE 

Our Frequency Clothing & Apparel

- Korina's e-shop
       - clothing made from the frequencies of the paintings. As you wear the frequencies on you, they come in direct contact and interaction with your biofield the ensuing effects become remarkably more potent
mugs: The frequency activated mugs, change the structure of water or any liquid you drink (except alcohol).

The information of the frequency is transferred to all the molecules of the liquid.
The result: the frequency activates your organism and your energy body as well.

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