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Sample Cases

Sample Case

Treated with Quantum Journey Hypnosis

 The space-time miracle!



A 17 years old girl had the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) and several severe gastrointestinal symptoms, which made her having panic attacks.


She was guided through the Quantum space-time miracle hypnosis by Dr. Korina.

While in the procedure, she met her Higher Self and asked to show her the moment when this virus entered her body.


Suddenly, she found herself many years ago in her classroom, meeting her past self.
She could see how all the kids that day had drunk from the same bottle of water, including herself.

Dr. Korina asked her to advise her past-self not to drink that water. 

The girl did so... and her past self did not drink it.

After that quantum hypnosis,  the girl did not have the virus, the symptoms or the panic attacks anymore!

We have to mention that trying to heal this problem using other methods would even take several years of treatment.

Sample Case

Treated with the Advanced Lemurian Healing Wand Aetherial Technique


Korina first applied this Technique on her mother, who suddenly developed gut deforming arthritis of the right hand.

She had terrible pains at her hand, couldn't move it and couldn't touch anything at all!

Of course, the hand was swollen and deformed.

After just one session with the healing wand, her hand went back to normal.
Since then, she never had symptoms of gut arthritis.


You can see the picture, "before" and "after".





 Korina has helped thousands of cases to find the total cure and not to just suppress the symptoms.

She cured autistic children,  ALS,  Multiple Sclerosis and other very difficult cases.

The reason why she getss these great results is that she does not focus only on the physical, the emotional or the energy body, but she also focuses on changing the subconscious beliefs, which are the deeper root of the problem.

Her big success secret is the reality change techniques. 

Aetherial Coaching uses the Aether as Nicola Tesla suggested.

When aether is used, then the cells go back in time, at their previous state, when they weren't ill!


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