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About Korina


How did she gain her special abilities?​

Her spiritual awakening started from a very young age, but a huge transformation, which led her to be able to access the Akashic Records, happened after a heart surgery at the age of 35.  During this surgery a change of consciousness occured.
Korina since then is a Walk in.


Special Abilities


  • Accessing Akashic Records

  • Telekinesis  

  • Telepathy

  • Change Matter & Electromagnetic Fields with the Power of Mind

  • Lucid Dreaming



When our brain is activated in a much bigger percentage, we start gaining our real powers. One of them is Telekinesis.

Korina is well known in Greece for her Mind Power. You can see on this video a simple example of what we can do with our mind.










On this video, Korina transforms water, which is full of Mercury, into therapeutic water and a mobile phone into a therapeutical device. You can even sleep with your mobile under your pillow, in order to receive treatment while sleeping, or just by holding it, so as to be extra protected from negative energies and energy attacks. For better results, have your mobile touching your skin.

Point of Consciousness

Mind Power

What she received from Akashic Records



The Book that Writes Itself

The Magic Project

The Techniques

  1. The Maya Neuroplasticity Transformation and belief change - manifestation Technique through which, your deepest subconscious beliefs change in seconds with measurable results, is the fastest and most advanced technique you have ever seen.

  2. The Advanced Lemurian Healing Wand Technique.

  3. The Quantum Hypnosis Technique, through which she can change your negative or traumatic past into a beautiful one, so that you get out of this hypnosis totally changed. When we change the past, we change the future. 

Korina continues to receive new techniques from the Akashic Records and when they are going to be added on this website, after some testing.

She also uses

  • Lucid Dreaming for Coaching and Healing purposes with great success.

  • The Gold Manifestation Technique, which is a very powerful tool that helps you change your reality.

  • Activation of the electromagnetic field of the heart -  The Heart's Intuitive Intelligence

The Book That Writes Itself

Korina is the author of "The Book That Writes Itself", 

a sci-fi & fantasy book of 300 pages, which was received from Akashic Records in just 49 hours of writing!

The most amazing fact is that this book came to reality due to the discovery of the entrance of Hollow Earth at Romanian Bugegi Mountains, where every little detail described in her book about it was discovered. 

This book activates the brain, the DNA, the 3rd eye and enhances the human aura, by simply reading 3 times and enjoying the wonderful fantasy & sci-fi story.
You can see here her dialogue with the wonderful, famous author  Richard Bach on the subject of channeled books
, as the same thing happened to him when he was writing the book "Jonathan Livingston Seagull".




The Project

Korina also received, from the Akashic Records, a huge Project that has the Power to change Humanity. The name of the project is "The Magic Project" and the goal is to transform Earth into a Magical Earth.

Aetherial Manifestation Coaching

If you want to change your reality and live the life of your dreams, Korina is here to help you.

Read why Aetherial Manifestation Coaching differs from all the other coaching systems on the planet.

Become a certified Aetherial Manfestation Coach

Korina believes that everyone can & should obtain the same abilities if  serious about changing Humanity and raising the collective consciousness. That's why she teaches all her techniques to people around the world with big success.

Aetheria Coaching
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