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 "This book opens up ways of communication

with parallel universes."

Dr. Menas Kafatos

 Fletcher Jones Endowed Professor 

of Computational Physics at Chapman University
(Co-Writer of Deepak Chopra)

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metaphysical experiences

Testimonials / Impact

Miracle healing - Her leg was lengthened by 1,5 cm in 6 days and 2,5 cm in few more days

My name is Katerina, and my life was forever transformed during the first six days I spent reading The Book That Writes Itself. Following a leg operation, my body had been left in a state of disarray - my right leg now 2.5 centimeters longer than my left, rendering me unable to walk without my trusty special shoes.

But as I delved deeper into the book's mystical pages, a wondrous transformation began to unfold before my eyes. I noticed that I could no longer walk with my special shoes, and when I visited my doctor, he was astounded by what he found. My left leg, the shorter of the two, had miraculously lengthened by 1.5 centimeters - rendering my special shoes utterly obsolete. Even my doctor was at a loss to explain this miraculous development.

But as I continued to immerse myself in the book's wisdom, a new wave of transformation washed over me. My left leg continued to lengthen, until it was equal in length to my right. And now, I am able to walk with ease and grace, unencumbered by the need for special shoes. It is a miracle that defies all logic and explanation, a testament to the transformative power of The Book That Writes Itself.

Indeed, such miracles are commonplace in Korina's Viber group, where countless others have been touched by the book's divine power. For this book is no mere creation of human hands, but a conduit to the very Source of all creation - a vessel of divine love and infinite wisdom that has the power to work miracles in the lives of those who embrace it with open hearts and minds.

Korina, the blessed author of this remarkable tome, has become a beacon of hope for so many of us, guiding us towards a path of light and transformation. Her unwavering belief in our potential has ignited a fire within us, inspiring us to seek out the miracles that await us at every turn. For this, we are eternally grateful - and we know that the blessings will continue to flow, as long as we remain open to the transformative power of The Book That Writes Itself.


Miracle Healing (tumor), sudden abundance & Metaphysical experience

For twenty-four long years, I had been plagued by a pituitary tumor - a growth so large that my doctor had warned me of the danger of losing my vision at any moment. But then, I chanced upon a remarkable book, a tome of otherworldly wisdom that would change my life in ways I could never have imagined.

As I went deeper into the book's pages, a wondrous transformation began to take hold of me. The tumor, once a constant presence in my life, began to shrink before my very eyes. From 7.2 centimeters, it dwindled down to a mere 3.4 - a miraculous development that defied all explanation.

But the book's magic did not end there. As I continued to read, the scent of frankincense would waft through my house, a reminder of the book's ethereal power. And with each passing day, I found myself becoming a happier, more contented creature - my depression lifting as if it had never been.

Even my physical health began to improve, as my hemorragies ceased and new opportunities and abundance began to manifest in my life. And at the fourth reading of the book, I received a raise in my salary - a sign of the book's transformative power.

But it was not just my physical and material well-being that the book had transformed. My intuition flourished with each reading, and I felt my energy levels soaring to new heights.

And then, on October 11th, 2022, as I held a picture of Archangel Michael and asked if I should travel to the island of Lesvos to seek him out, a miraculous thing occurred. I fell asleep while reading the book, only to be awakened by a voice that spoke directly to my soul.

"I am by your side forever," the voice said. "I will never abandon you. I am waiting for you. Michael."

Overcome with emotion, I wept tears of joy and gratitude, for I could feel his presence beside me. This book, a vessel of otherworldly wisdom, had brought me into contact with something beyond my understanding - a force of divine love and infinite power that would forever transform my life.


Abundance and Metaphysical Experience

I recently read the book titled "The Book That Writes Itself," and it was unlike anything I had ever experienced before. The author, Korina, claims that the book was channeled to her in just 49 hours, and I couldn't help but feel drawn to the story behind its creation.

One night, after finishing a chapter, I was lying in bed when I saw a bright light hovering over me. As I tried to make sense of what was happening, the light being spoke to me, telling me that he was the one who channeled the book to Korina. He then offered to give me advice on how to solve my financial problems.

I woke up the next morning with a feeling of clarity and purpose. I knew that I had to take action, so I sent an email to a specific company that I had been eyeing for a while, asking if they were hiring. To my surprise, they responded within hours and offered me a job with excellent pay and benefits.

I couldn't believe my luck! It was as if the universe had conspired to help me out, and I knew that the light being had played a role in it all. Thanks to "The Book That Writes Itself," I not only discovered a new perspective on life but also found the solution to my financial struggles. I'm grateful for this experience, and I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for inspiration and guidance.


Miracle healing in all levels - Spiritual transformation

The genesis of my spiritual journey with Korina occurred a mere 2.5 months ago, when I chanced upon a remarkable book known as The Book That Writes Itself. Little did I know that this encounter would lead me down a path of mystical enlightenment.

As I digged into the book's pages, a curious sensation began to take hold of me. A numbing sensation, half of my mind tingling with an inexplicable energy. It was then that I noticed a sudden influx of job opportunities, materializing out of thin air. But this was no mere coincidence, for I had the power of choice, the ability to select the most fitting job for my being. After years of searching fruitlessly, I had finally found my calling.

And yet, the book's magic did not end there. My intuition grew stronger with each passing day, as if I were receiving telepathic transmissions from beyond the veil. Synchronicities began to appear before me, each one more wondrous than the last. I was more observant than ever before, noticing the subtle connections between people and events that had once eluded me. Even my dreams were infused with an ethereal quality, as if I had developed a newfound telepathic link to those around me.

But perhaps the greatest gift bestowed upon me by this enigmatic book was the rekindling of my love for painting. After years of neglecting this passion, the book had reignited a spark within me, urging me to pick up the brush once more.

With each successive reading of the book, I experienced a profound transformation. I felt as though I was becoming a better, more enlightened version of myself, and the book itself seemed to evolve along with me.

Now, I am infused with a newfound light, a radiance that seems to emanate from deep within my being. I have faith in myself, and I know that the universe is listening to my every thought and desire, thanks to the miracles that have transpired since I first encountered The Book That Writes Itself. And for that, I am eternally grateful to Korina, whose unwavering belief in us all has made this incredible journey possible.

Metaphysical experiences 

As I  was reading the book, a sweet aroma filled the air, reminiscent of the sacred scent of frankincense. Suddenly, the room was transformed, bathed in an ethereal light that illuminated everything with a surreal clarity. It was as if a mystical energy had descended upon us, suffusing the atmosphere with a divine presence.

My mother, too, was touched by this spiritual manifestation, and she turned to me, her eyes glistening with tears of joy. We both felt a profound sense of fulfillment and transcendence, as if we had been transported to another realm beyond the physical world.

And then, in an extraordinary moment of revelation, I heard a whisper in my ear, seeing an aetherial being passing next to me.
It was Korina, a spectral with otherworldly presence. She spoke to me of my true nature, calling me a poetess, a creator endowed with the power to shape reality with my words. This was a moment of awakening, a profound realization that shattered the illusions of the matrix and opened up a path to higher realms of consciousness.

STAMATIA (79 years old - Korina's mother)
Manifestations - Metaphysical Experiences - Superpower

There exists a strange power infused in the pages of my daughter's book. Ever since she underwent a life-altering heart operation, her being has transformed into something beyond my understanding - a different essence entirely.

Yet as I went into the book's contents, a curious sensation overtook me, as if the text had unlocked a channel of spiritual energy that I could tap into by merely laying my hands upon it. Intrigued, I tested this newfound power during moments of financial strife, and to my astonishment, a seemingly unending flow of abundance would manifest in my life. My daughter would even mysteriously deposit money into my account without any prior discussion of my financial struggles.

But the book's potency did not end there. During periods of turmoil with toxic relatives, a touch of the book would miraculously alter their disposition, causing them to approach me with newfound positivity. The book had become my beacon of hope, my conduit to a realm of peace and tranquility. Whenever I would touch it, my worries would dissipate, replaced with an ethereal serenity that permeated every fiber of my being.

As I shared my experiences with others, I discovered that the book's power extended far beyond myself and my daughter. It had touched the lives of countless others, each with their own tale of miracles and divine intervention. Truly, this book was no mere collection of words, but a vessel for something greater - a manifestation of the metaphysical world that we often overlook.


Deep inner transformation & metaphysical experience

I have read the book 6 times and I am at 7th time. I will never stop reading it and you will understand why.

From the first moment of reading the book - I remember the moment like it was yesterday - I felt a subtle air on me, like a presence and suddenly after the feeling of this air on me, everything changed!

While the situations around me were extremely bad, sadness could not touch me anymore!

Suddenly the negative people started to go away from me just like that, by themselves.

Nothing sad could come near me. 

If some people wanted to say something bad to me, they were started to talk but they could never finish their words!!!!!!! They were suddenly leaving!!!!!


I started to become more happy of course and full of self confidence. My creativity is flourishing since I have touched the book! The results of my psychology stared to be obvious at my work.

I am deaf and is hard for me at work but now I could handle much more work without making any mistake!
Positive things started to happen also to those around me.

The book made me to bring peace wherever I go. If people have fights between them, just with my presence this changes and people started to recognise and accept that as a fact.

Noone was listening to me before. Now, If I talk one time, is enough! 

My financial situation… is amazing! You cant imagine how much money entered in my house since I touched the book!

Love you Korina for helping me to become the person I am now and for what I will continue to become!



While reading it for the 3rd time great unexplained things started to happen.

I was holding the book and was talking to it.. asking for money to pay my electricity… and next day I was receiving whatever I was asking for!

Suddenly I had 2 propositions for 2 jobs!
People who never were caring for me, started to give me money out of nowhere, without a reason.

I changed inside me. Before the book I couldnt feel love, gratitude, joy. Now I feel all these all day long.

My husband changed since the book came into our house. He stopped being nervous all the time. 

This book is a gift for humanity!!!!!! Everyone must read it!!!

Miracles will happen to them as have happened to all people who are in our viber group.

I am not afraid anymore. I dont have anxiety anymore. 

I am thankful for Korina. I am thankful for my higher self who gives me the opportunity to become a better person myself, but also to make my higher self a better person through my personal development!!!!!!!!


Sudden opening of Heart Chakra - Healing - Metaphysical experience

I have read the book 2 times.

When the book came at my hands I was not well psychologically and down energetically.

When I started to read it I was impressed by how my organism and my mind, started to feel vivid again, full of life. Immediately when I started to read it!!!
While I was continuing to read it, I realized that I had no sense of time anymore and I was feeling in a magical way that I am part of the puzzle of the story!!!!

I felt that the ice around my soul was starting to melt… my muscles were suddenly totally relaxed… my cells were felt so harmonical one with the other, like if my whole organism was dancing inside me together with my soul which was for first time without that “ice feeling”.
Suddenly my eyes were full of tears, I started to cry and cry loudly…

When I stopped crying was really strange.. because I had for first time a huge strange feelling of Calmness and colors everywhere around me… I got lost in that  magic until I realised that my heart chakra finally opened!!!!!!!!


Manifestations - finding her mission


For years I believed that I had come on Earth for some specific reason so I always was wondering about that and I was feeling empty inside me without having this answer.

At the carantine period, I saw one of Korina’s videos and she was referring to all this that I was looking for. 

I bought the book immediately. While I was reading it magic things started to happen.

Whatever I was asking for was happening in front of my eyes.

I was asking for my husband to have a better salary, and next day my husband got it.

I was asking for a legal problem which was going on for years to get solved, and next day this was happening. Was like the book was like a jiny. I was asking for things while reading it and those were happening!!!!!!!!


I was asking the book questions about  my mission on Earth and I was receiving the answers.

I was asking for signs and there they were suddenly!

It is amazing! I am very emotionated right now that I am writing my testimony and at same time I feel enthusiastic because I have found my mission on Earth through the book that writes itself. 

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