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Energy Cleansing

By cleansing our energy body, we resolve any energy issues that may be causing unexplained blockages and health problems.


It is a very common phenomenon to have an energy problem on us.

Energy problems can be created by many things and are usually due to external factors. Our energy body can get a problem.

We may see something on the internet, on TV, on the radio or even come into contact with a person who is energetically contaminated, and as a result we also receive this negative sign energy, which of course creates a problem for us.

Also, energy problems are transmitted from parent to child and it has been estimated that the child receives about 40% of the parent's energy contamination.

The health of our energy body is absolutely important, because it affects the human being on all levels, be it psychological, emotional, physical, etc.

When the person is energetically contaminated, he is not 100% conscious, that is, he is not fully aware of his own thoughts and feelings, and this results in creating problems in relationships with the people around him. You may desire true love, but if your heart chakra is not properly aligned, then even if you are building a healthy and loving relationship, it will break down, because quite simply you yourself will not be able to tune in to love!

An energy contamination does not only cause problems in the area of love. It can cause problems in every area of our life. We may feel like we're reaching the top and suddenly something bad happens, causing us to lose everything. There is probably an energy problem hiding somewhere.

But there is a solution and that is energy cleaning

Energy cleansing includes 2 stages.

The first stage is the energy diagnosis, which is carried out by a group of people with high energy abilities. In the diagnosis we see what the existing energy issues are, as well as the cost and duration of the treatment the person needs. Each person has different energy problems and for this reason the cost and duration of treatment may vary from person to person.

For the energy diagnosis we need:

  1. A recent photo (As recent as possible, because the photo also shows our energy footprint)

  2. Full name

  3. Date of birth

The cost of the diagnosis amounts to €200

The second stage is the healing stage, in which you do not need to do anything. We fully undertake the resolution of your energy issues. During the treatment you will notice how areas of your life, in which you had issues, are unblocked.

Do an Energy Cleanse too!

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