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A machine which is superior to Bioresonance.
A patent created from a team of Greek Scientists, 

which belongs to the therapies we all have been waiting to be revealed

when moving towards the New Earth.

Having the "Epsilon" first revealed is not a random event. It is the first therapy

of its kind revealed, because in order to enter the New Earth, or better, create it, we need to get rid of our lives the negative energy.

To achieve this we need a combination of things:


  • Our own grown up consciousness being completely protected from the energy/ mental attacks, which is already analyzed on the Frequency Painting Page (link) 

  • Being protected on a cell level.

Here you can read about the first one

About the second one, let us talk more about it.

When having to deal with a disease, we firstly get our energy body to suffer and then the physical one. That's a rule.

The fact that our body is in a sick condition, makes our cells change their polarity (wrong polarity).

Our membrane has a negative sign by default and it turns into positive.

(The negative sign is the normal one)

According to Russian Scientists this happens due to

psychotronic attacks, energy / mental attacks.


The Epsilon Machine is able to surpass them all.


1. It repolarizes the cells

Restores the cell polarity from the first minute and as long as you wear it and it touches your skin, it makes sure that you have the proper polarity, preventing every other outer harmful factor to set this negative energy up to the cells.

2. It works as a cell shield

3. It balances your energy

4. Reduces the strength of the energy / mental attack and all of its short and long term negative effects.

Having both the Epsilon Machine and the Frequency Painting you get protection and therapy, in cell and energy / mental level simultaneously!




Price 827€
Pre-order and get the Epsilon Machine at the price of
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