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Resonating and harmonizing with the truth of your Higher Self!
(Arcturian Grid)

You already know that we frequently give away!
This time due to creating Korina's Academy, we made A HUGE OFFER FOR EVERYONE!
SOMETHING THAT WILL HELP IN CREATING THE NEW EARTH. Only for 10 days from 1300€, just 50€!!!
Most people do not know their personal truth or in other words, as our favorite, famous physicist Tom Campbell, are not authentic.
You can make love choices, you must be authentic or else energy interferences around you can affect you (we will get more into this in the next seminar, which is about the negative energy) and as a result you can never be happy, successful, find your own path/mission, resonate with your other half etc.

Every person has his own uniqueness, like an energy signature.

The only reason you have come to earth, your own unique thoughts, your own authentic emotions, your own unique needs and wills, youw own special role for the common good and the universe are recorded in this substance, in this imprint.

But people are usually "not harmonized" with their authenticity and as a result they lose their own personal truth or may even not get to know with it.

So, you were never your real self, but a combination of limiting beliefs and other's influence or an energy attack victim!

The famous physicist Tom Campbell says "I've seen many people suffering from magic or from entities' influence because they affect their way of thinking and so their behaviour and as a result their relationships, their decisions, their business, every aspect of their life. It is very easy not to be affected from all of these. But they are not authentic. When an entity whispers to your ear, if authentic, if sure for your own authentic feelings and thoughts, then when they give you thoughts or emotions, you will immediately say "That's not mine!".

This is when you are authentic. You are conscious and no other energy atatck can hurt you and get you into trouble!

The following frequency painting, gives you the influence of the Arcturian Corridor and awakens you in that part. It harmonizes you with what is real, right and true especially for you!!!

You just have to put the painting in your space. It will resonate your energy. The result is a different reality based on the specific frequency. The frequency of your own truth and authenticity!
You just have to choose the coloring you like!

It is time you got out oh the chaos you are living, discovering your authenticity!

When you become conscious, then nothing bad and harmful can hurt you!

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