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Message from Maya - My Future Self who sent me the book!

I would like to present Maya, a multidimensional being as all of us. In the other realms - parallel universes - she is a fairy or a space princess of another planet. But on this 3d realm, she had a terrible life. She was an abused girl which was finding refuge in her imagination and her name here, in our realm is Korina... Korina received through channeling the book from her future self Maya...

A book which will help anyone who reads it to find his/her mission on this planet. Let's see what Maya has to say to us, in order to present her book but also to transmit a message to all of you... "Hello, for your 3d realm, this channeling seems like the book writes itself and so it is. The writer to whom I channel it is one of my past see, my past selves are many, because there are infinite parallel realities...

This book is channeled in every timeline... The purpose of this channeling is to fulfill my mission and your missions. You see what is going on Earth right now. You know Earth is a living being, is an entity of higher dimension, who has suffered a lot. You must find all of you, your missions, in order to help Earth and to help yourselves. But you can't believe anymore. The dream is the most real thing! You dont believe in dreams anymore and thats why you can not have the reality you long for, the reality you really deserve. So, me and your future selves, had to find a way to trigger your imagination which is killed each day. If we manage to get your imagination get REAL, then you will wake up, you will be able to get out of this prison-matrix you live in. So we transmit this book and an entire project named the MAGIC PROJECT to my past self in order all of you to chose another path, because Earth must be saved in all the parallel universes. You might take this as a fictional, fantasy, imaginery prologue for the upcoming book - The Magic Book - but this would be ok as well. The only proof I can give to you is the fact that you too can channel a book which will lead suprisingly at the same planetary mission! So, try...try to channel too and get a book which writes itself and you will then understand deeply what is all about. You can do it, everyone can get in contact with his/her future self, and we long for that! " Maya

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