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Why my book will increase your health and aura, and activate your brain and DNA!

1. Special technology has been used, which activates your brain and DNA during reading and qualities related to your heart.

2. Scientists have proved that the DNA and the brain can be re-programmed through the appropriate words. This means that it can be deactivated or activated by words. In this book, the appropriate words are used in order to get them activated!

3. Recently, HeartMaths Institute proved that, when we see an image, our heart is the one that reacts first, and not our brain. Our heart then sends a signal to our brain, and reacts accordingly. Indeed, the heart always reacts seconds before the eye looks at the image. As if heart knew what kind of image will follow! This is called the intuitive ability of the heart and, throughout this book — as I will explain below — , this ability will increase. Therefore, your intuition will, too.

The result is :

a. To “read” much more easily and successfully the people you meet, and make easier connections with them. This will lead you to healthier and easier relationships.

b. To “read” in advance what result each act of yours will bring, since it enables a deep understanding of the butterfly effect. So, you will gain insight.

c. To help you activate your empathy. Those of you who act based on empathy, I’m sure you have noticed how painful it is for you when others around you do not have this ability.

Empathy = I walk in the shoes of the other, I feel how he / she feels, and I act accordingly on each occasion without hurting the feelings of the other person.

Does your relationship hurt you? Your family? Your friends? Your employer? Can’t your parents understand you deeply? Just gift them this book!

If you get hurt by someone in your environment, it is so because that person cannot comprehend you deeply, and so the problem is lack of empathy. If you want that person to acquire this skill, simply gift the book, and you will be amazed!

In recent years, scientists have discovered that the root cause of breakups in relationships is the lack of empathy from the one individual or from both. There are now experts and psychologists around the world who teach couples how to have the ability of empathy. Something that humans should know by nature….but it was lost through our society. However, these courses, although very good, are time-consuming and expensive, while the book is an easy and fast way.

How does this book enable the intuitive ability of your heart?

1. With the advanced technology that has been used.

2. By activating the right supramarginal gyrus of your brain.

3. Through advanced images that work at the cardio-sensory level …

Let’s talk a little about the importance of images.

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, the heart reacts BEFORE the brain when it sees a picture, and indeed even before the eye looks at the image.

The key here is that this book is deliberately written in such a way that the reader won’t be lost in long descriptions. Although the descriptions are short, you will see that they CANNOT be considered “skimpy”!

This is because the necessary words have been given, so that the heart makes an image without even having to describe. Because the key factor is to view with and through your heart!

This is usually described as a mental image, but this definition is wrong.

Such images promote the activation of the intuitive capacity of the heart, intuition, insight, increase fantasy, increase the… “see with your heart,” but also increase the electromagnetic field of the heart, which is much stronger than the one of the brain. What do we mean by an electromagnetic field? Our aura, of course. So, while we have increased our aura and therefore our vital energy, we have also increased our protection from negative energies, and so on.

The heart generates the strongest electromagnetic field, so the information stored in it affects every organ and cell in your body. Increased heart electromagnetic field means increasing our immune system (physical and psychological), thus generally improving our health.

Moreover, as these images are made in the fifth brain or cardio-brain (as neuro-scientists call our heart) lead not to the ordinary Alpha waves we have when we read any ordinary book, but Theta waves!

Properties of THETA waves

Connect conscious with the subconscious — meaning that we begin to be aware of the deepest negative beliefs that manifest the negative events in our lives.

These beliefs, we can’t know them consciously as they ONLY operate subconsciously.


Someone who was abused in childhood by his father, and their mother was saying “He behaves this way because he loves you, because he is worried about you”…then this person will have the deeply ingrained belief — unknown to him: “Whoever loves me will abuse me.”

The result is to experience abuse — verbal or physical — through its relationships in adulthood.

If he does not replace this belief quite simply, these experiences will be repeated in his life!

With this book, you will begin to realise the negative — limiting — beliefs, and how they correlate with: how others treat you, with the situations encountered, why you don’t achieve your goals, while you work so much!

The effect would be to have as a priority the replacement of the negative belief, only if he wants to change his life, that is!

According to the modern science, most physical health problems are associated with our negative beliefs, our emotional state, and our thoughts. When replacing the negative with appropriate positive beliefs, the fundamental cause of an illness is eliminated, and the disease subsides.

The key is that, in this way, we change our reality and we reach our goals! No matter what they are!


We live in the future, and CREATION now is not only to be creative in arts…but to be REALITY CREATORS!

Create now, not only works of art, but also REALITIES!

When one is in Theta waves, obstacles of EGO fall, so that the consciousness gets easily connected with the Universal Consciousness.

The reader will learn through this evolutionary structure, which the book offers, to influence by observing the events of the material world!

The reader will learn to go easily and automatically into Theta Waves, and this will become a habit.

So, the reader will know that the only thing he has to do when he wants to change anything will be to envision what he wants. This has been scientifically proven because, in the same way, the theory of quantum entanglement says that the mere act of observing a quantum particle will affect its behaviour, implying that consciousness affects the events of the material world.

For example, surveys of the HeartMath Institute have shown the DNA under the microscope to be tightened or loosened, as a result of the observer’s emotions. So, for you, in another way — beyond the advanced technology that has been used — , this book enables and improves your DNA.

The power of thought is increasing! We will see later on why the most important combination is 1. to be conscious of your thoughts (increased consciousness) 2. conscious of your beliefs and 3. to increase the power of your thinking!

A good example of the power of thought is given through a survey of plants. Some time ago, a brilliant researcher, Clive Bakster, decided to test the responsiveness of a plant type Dracaena, linking with section Galvanic Skin Response of a polygraph. Much to his surprise, he saw that the machine recorded the reactions of the plant as if it were a human. When later, in the period of observation, he studied the diagram of these reactions, he saw that the plant reacted strongly to his intention to hurt it by burning it, the same minute this thought flashed through Bakster’s mind!

When in Theta state, thoughts and words become even stronger. When someone tells you something of the style, ‘Are you okay? You do not look so good!’. It depends how conscious you are, in order to accept or not the proposed consideration. If you accept it, you will get sick — or will feel tired, sad, happy, full of energy, and so forth — , depending on the statement.

In the same way, you must be very careful of thought forms that others send you, and how receptive you are. As you develop your intuition, you will begin to realise and control it fast!

I believe this shows why intuition is important and, mostly, why the intuitive ability of your heart is, too!

When you are in Theta state, the power of words and thought forms increases. Maintaining a conscious Theta state, you can create anything, and change your reality.

These are a few of the key benefits that this book will give you. You will also have fun reading a fictional story combined with an autobiography.

A story that includes: Time travelling, parallel universes, travelling at the higher levels where the Prophecies are created…Aliens, Hollow Earth Lucid dreaming adventures, Quantum Hypnosis…and much more!

Suddenly, the Greek Prophecy of the Marbled King acquires a deeper and more quantum explanation…

The mission of the heroes is something far bigger than saving the planet, but they do not know it yet …

It’s a magical journey to elves’ countries, which makes the reader think that he is reading a fairy tale …

But, as the story unfolds, he discovers that something more mysterious and complex is going on…

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Reminds me of when I read Anastasia and the ringing cedar series.

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