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Tools that help us in our mission

Activated Jewels


Welcome dear traveler and explorer of the truth and manifestation...
Finally, you are at the right place, at the right time...
This is the chance you' ve been looking for..
The dreamy world you have always been asking for...
The "magic" tools that will help you with all your struggles...

Are waiting for you..

Copy of Copy of FINALLY THE PROOF! There is no virus Is an agenda! (3).png

Our Mission

To raise vibrations

To remember who we really are

To have a permanent connection with the Divine

To manifest

To become again the creators we really are!

The jewels

their activations!

Korina has been searching for years the appropriate jewels for the Magic Project. She always knew that she will feel it when she would see them... and so it did!
These jewels, were created with prayer, their energy, information and frequency is pure

Those who have read The Book That Writes Itself will really love the new activations coming from it.

***Τhe jewels can now link with the frequency paintings, in order to maximize the activation and manifestation results!

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