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Maya technique
message from your future self!

A technique from higher realms of existence to change brain neuroplasticity and realize goals!

In the following video you can see how we intervene in the mechanism of the Matrix!

Learn the technique that has helped thousands of people move to the next stage by erasing beliefs and mobilizing the entire Matrix mechanism to create the right conditions for achieving your every goal.

And all this through a process that takes just a few seconds!

Touch the mechanism of the matrix, enter deeper energies, influence the neuroplasticity of your brain, to realize more in less time.
Get clarity on how to implement!

Create your own vortexes in the matrix! 

Combine this technique with Heart RS and the Robbins technique for maximum implementation results!

If you want to have stronger vortices, and therefore stronger and faster materializations, then use the MAYA TECHNIQUE EMPOWERMENT tables for your vortices!

Master the Maya 1 technique to become a good Matrix player, so you'll be ready in no time with the Maya 2 technique to step up to becoming a Matrix developer!

It has been proven that even if one takes part in long sessions, wasting precious time, one does not succeed in erasing one's limiting beliefs! With this technique the data changes! 

See the testimonials!

MAYA technique normal value 1

2500 €

Offer price


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