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Karmic Cleansing

By changing the past, we heal and create a better and brighter future!

All of us want to shine and succeed in all areas of our lives. We desire absolute health, joy, happiness, wealth, abundance. We all desire to have purpose, to have our passion and inner peace.

But we all experience this strange phenomenon called repeating patterns or cycles. These can make us experience:

  • Emotional and psychological trauma, being hurt again and again by others' behavior and having fights

  • Abuse

  • Addictions

  • Self-destructive behaviors such as alcoholism, drugs, and generally self-sabotaging behaviors

  • Health problems

  • Financial difficulties

  • Problems in relationships

It's what we've all experienced, reaching a very high point and with a "chuck" losing it all. For example, many people leave one relationship and experience the exact same thing in others, even if they pray, hypnotize, meditate, visualize or whatever. And so it seems like nothing works, while for others it works very well.

The problem lies not in the implementation techniques, but in ourselves. We may also change the subconscious, which is the "captain", but still that is not enough.

Most people who have tried all of these, feel that there is an invisible force holding them back and they cannot have everything they desire. This is what energy medicine calls a karmic state that prevents us from experiencing our highest potential.

Until today we were told that karma is punishment, that if we do this we will suffer that. But then we would have a paranoid god who gave us free will and then punishes us.

As Eckhart Tolle says, karma is nothing but a subconscious condition that also has to do with heredity and this is because every person has been observed to be born with some subconscious predispositions and patterns.

Beliefs and patterns are two completely different things.

It may be that your mother experienced an abandonment risk when you were in her womb and you were able to remove the subconscious beliefs. But you may be experiencing the same pattern because your energy field runs through that particular pattern/karma and has left an energetic imprint on you.

So a karmic state is the imprints that accumulate in our energy field, due to the experiences of this or a previous life of ours or those of our ancestors.

Suppose our grandparents had to face the problem of poverty. This action will be recorded on us, it is this situation that will make history repeat itself. This is because our energy has been absorbed by the vortex of the energy patterns of our ancestors.

You will notice that people who become rich easily, without working on their conscious and subconscious mind, always come from families with rich ancestors.

So did Tony Robbins. He succeeded and cleared his karma and escaped the cycle of poverty. So do other people who, for example, escape the cycle of illness. But these people had to do everything to leave the patterns.

When you free yourself from the patterns, then suddenly you experience ease in your relationships, in business, in health.

So there is this karmic state that acts like gravity pulling you down. If, for example, 2 simple steps were needed to achieve something, then problems and difficulties would appear that take away from the final result and of course are not for our highest good.

The key to understanding why we have these problems is to notice if we have any recurring patterns in our lives, because these karmic situations are not something we can see.

For example, even though someone may be smart, have degrees, and have opportunities coming their way, they are not achieving the abundance and results they want.

That is, if we put a lot of effort into something and instead of getting spectacular results, which will be commensurate with our effort, and we get little or no results, then there is some karmic issue.

So what do we do if the karma of someone close to us affects us, since we want them in our lives? The solution, then, is to focus on cleansing our own karmic body, which has been shown by energy medicine to be located in and around our spine.

The way is to bring more Divine Light into that area and begin to clear the energy of that field. It's like peeling an onion, it has many layers. We must no longer remain hostage to these energy footprints.

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