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Heart RS technique

With the Heart RS Implementation Technique we strengthen the electromagnetic field of our heart and increase the feeling we have for our goal.


How we feel about our goal plays a key role in what we will doimplement, how good it will be and how quickly it will come.

Imagine that you are rich, that you have everything and that 2 people come to you and they both ask you for the same thing, for example a very nice and expensive car. One says it with great passion and zeal and keeps talking to you about it. It's like he's in love with the car. The other person simply says the words "I want the car" to you without putting any emotion into his words.

Who would you give the car to first? I would say to the one who is passionate about it and loves it or to the other who coldly and almost coldly asks you. I think the answer is clear. To the one who asks you so zealously!

In fact, this is how the universe works! The universe will listen to you more easily and bring you what you want even faster if the feeling you have for your goal is very strong.

This is precisely the need that the Heart RS Implementation Technique,  comes to cover, which helps to strengthen the feeling we have for our goal, using the electromagnetic field of our heart.

The heart is smarter than our brain

This is also confirmed by the Heart Maths Institute, which has proven that the electric field of our heart is 100,000 times stronger and its magnetic field 5,000 times stronger than that of our brain.

Essentially with the Heart RS Technique we get that energy boost we need, we change how we feel about what we are after and our signal to the Universe becomes even stronger and stronger. In other words, we attract our target much more easily.

The Heart RS Technique is what the Maya Technique was missing

The Heart RS technique comes to "click" on the Maya Technique, because in addition to changing beliefs, we must also manage to get out of the Pendulums that are created in our society, i.e. systems whose eddies consume our energy, resulting in we cannot use it where it should be.

Beyond implementation, strengthening our heart fields with the Heart RS Technique will improve the health and well-being of our physical body.

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