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Alchemical Implementation Technique

The Technique given by the Alchemists!

Hippocrates, as well as many other great ancestors of ours, were essentially Alchemists. Today, we are not far from it. On the contrary, the fact that we heal with holistic methods brings us closer and closer to it.

Alchemy is not a bad thing. True and proper Alchemy is a journey of purity.

The word Alchemy may conjure up images of witches and boiling cauldrons and chemist-like wizards in smoky, steamy laboratories, because that's how our society has chosen to portray it.

Historically Alchemy referred to the exploration of nature.

It refers not only to the nature around us, but also to the nature of man.

It incorporates physics, medicine, astronomy, spiritualism and the arts. The goal of Alchemy is to find theelixir of life. To find the purest and highest form of vibration. Everything they used to say was completely symbolic.

Real Alchemy is a journey of purity

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