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Secret Tesla Teachings - Part 3

Arcturian Meditation

"As you may know, Tesla used his connection with the Akashic Records (mind of the God, field, Universe's central computer -  simulation) to learn new things."

This seminar has 2 parts:

Part 1 - Meditation

This meditation is a reali trip with Lord Arcturos, in which you will:

  • Get an Arcturian Initiation

  • Get a way - technique to transform your negative feelings into joy and love

  • Activate Arcturian Healing Frequencies on you

  • Find out whether your Twin Flame is on earth or not

Part 2 - Theory

In this seminar you will learn about:

  • Superconscious Mind according to Tesla

  • What you need to change, in order to activate your ability to create your own reality

  • The Superconscious Mind's characteristics

  • How you can set the Superconscious Mind to work faster and easier

  • How to know whether an idea is true or not

  • The first 4 steps

  • What living "as it already exists" means

  • Which thoughts are blovking you from manifesting (not what you think)

  • How to use "The Magic Funnel"

  • How to manifest Invisible Realities

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