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New Tables


The table below was given immediately after the 2020 seminar.

I was getting what it is about each of us discovering the purpose for which we came to Earth at this particular time.

This activation will be done in stages.

This table helps with the 1st stage which is our coordination with higher

fields of existence.

Those of you who have the book and have not understood what this means, or do not remember, 

it would be good if you read it again. It is very important to know what is activating us, in order to consciously help it.

This table is not given away for free, like the other frequency tables. That is why, in order for it to exist on the page, a watermark had to be placed on it so that it could not be printed, but it was also disabled.

So as it is here on the website, it doesn't work.

These paintings do not need to be looked at and meditated upon 


How to use them is as follows: 

We have them in the room, where we spend most of our time, 

and they transmit the frequencies to us.

As it was being created I understood what each symbol was.

They are all symbols mentioned in the book.

They are listed just below the table.

higher planes of existance- 2 - UNACTIVA

I'm constantly discovering new symbols... the analysis and symbols have really surprised me, but things are still being added, so I'll write it later because it might take several hours of searching for everything on which page of the book is located.

I discovered that it even refers to poems that have deep meanings in the book... so we are talking about a rather large analysis that will help us, so I have to do it!!!

For the time being, I am mentioning the very typical ones... without referring to points in the book...

We see 3 planets to the left - where Meryl was when he passed through the mirror had 2 suns.

So we see that planet exactly in front of the planet 2 suns. There are 3 planets, one very close to the other.

The box on the left is what Lord Arcturus took out of his pocket... the photonic box.

However, on top of it here, there is the contribution that existed inside the boat of everything!!!

The book, is the book that was transmitted... The book that is written by itself, and it seems as if it comes out of this object on the right which looks like a ladder that goes to the sky... it symbolizes the Arcturian Corridor!

If nothing else, these symbols might help someone to remember, although the reminder is in the next stages!

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