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Trudeau Seminars

It's time for the elite's success secrets to finally be known!

Kevin Trudeau was a poor, twelve-year-old kid and at one point he met a rich kid in his neighborhood, who told him "Today I'm going with my parents to the fraternity and today we have the right to take someone new with us. Do you want to come with us;" and he went.

Because he was a small child and his brain was not yet affected, everything he heard he retained, it was what we call a sponge. There they were taught how to become very successful. At 17 he had become a millionaire and by now a trillionaire, but unfortunately the system put him in jail for going public with the secrets.

Trudeau Seminars work on the conscious part of our mind

It is widely held that the subconscious is responsible for 95% of our realizations. But if this 5% of the conscious, we do it incorrectly and repeatedly every day, every moment of the day and every dt, then it multiplies. Imagine 5% on all these moments…

This is why Trinto Seminars are necessary for every person who wants to become successful, because you cannot become successful if your conscious is not working in the right way.

The Trudeau Seminars have been enriched by our academy and contain:

  • The first 2 parts of the Tesla Seminars, where his teachings are contained

  • Wealth Realization Seminars

  • GIFT a Higher Self Connection Hypnosis

The Trudeau Seminars last approximately 23 hours in total and will equip you with everything your conscious needs to be successful.

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