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Naturally, you pay the courier upon receipt!

The book phenomenon.
The book that "came down" from angelic fields, healed people, brought new synchronicities to their lives and realizations / miracles!

"Know the truth and the truth will set you free."

This book brings the real history of planet Earth and shows us the whole truth of the prophecy of the Marble King.


As Dr. Kafatos (co-author of the famous Dr. Deepak Chopra) says in the foreword of the book, "How can a book write itself?" It is written by itself means that it is written with inspirations, automatically. Corinna is the conduit for the information to come from somewhere else, not from her mind. They come from non-linear time. From levels beyond physical space... This book opens up ways to communicate with parallel universes. Read it and enter magical spaces.”

Discover your mission, the purpose for which you came to Earth this time.

* Read the book 3 times to get the full activations. Aura empowerment, brain and DNA activation. Magical things will begin to happen in your life and all your dreams will begin to come true one by one, just like every person who read this!

They said about the book...
“An absolutely fascinating literary adventure of human potential that will open your mind to what might exist on other levels. "

Professor Dr. Minas K. Kafatos. Fletcher Jones Chair in Computational Physics, Chapman University.


"A book for those who deal with the depth and not the surface"

Dr. George Loukas Psychiatrist - Researcher - Author

The author...

What is it like when your future self visits you from Angelic realms and hands you a book from the depths of the Akashic Records? people exist in reality, not just in fairy tales.


Where you thought you were writing a fairy tale, suddenly the elf gets a strange mission. He burrows into the bowels of the Hollow Earth, meets aliens and learns the true history of planet Earth and the Universe. He travels through parallel universes, experiences lucid dreaming, learns about Twin Flames, and socializes with

the strangest entities that live on higher planes of existence. All this as he goes through the Dark Night of the Soul. Then, his world changes and he realizes that he is capable of anything.


By studying this book 3 times, your third eye will be opened, your aura will be strengthened, your brain and DNA will be activated. Magical things will begin to happen to you as you begin to communicate with, receive guidance and inspiration from your Higher Self.

Result; Discover your true mission on Planet Earth. Maya is a being from the future. Her mission is to convey some messages to humanity, so she conveys this book through a form of channeling, Maya, played the role of the messenger, the author's future self, who conveyed this book to her in just 49 hours of writing. Crystallizing in her mind the essence of her feelings, peeling back the layers of truth, searching for a higher action of reality.

(Shipping costs are not included in the price of the book! Naturally, you pay the courier upon receipt!)

The Book That Writes Itself (print book)


    Naturally, you pay the courier upon receipt.
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