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No matter how hard you look,   you will not find a single truly successful person who was not part of a mastermind group. 



As Carnegie - the richest man in the world - told Napoleon Hill, there is no way one can become so rich and so successful unless he belongs to a mastermind group.



Indeed, think about what it would be possible to achieve if there were people around you who would not allow you to experience any failure? 



This is the main role of every mastermind group! 


Help you become successful and bring a change to humanity together!



The most famous achievers who belonged to mastermind groups 


  • Aristotle Onassis 

  • Inklings mastermind group JRR Tolkien, CS Lewis, Owen Barfield, Charles Williams

  • King Arthur & The Knights of the Round Table

  • Franklin Roosevelt's “Brain Trusts”

  • Andrew Carnegie and the Steel Mill

  • Theodore Roosevelt the Tennis Cabinet white house 

  • The Junto - Benjamin ben franklin junto meeting library painting

  • The Vagabonds - Ford, EdisonHardingfirestone camping

  • Tony Robbins


        and the list goes on...

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What is a Mastermind Group?

Humanity Mastermind Group

For those who don't know, a mastermind group is a group of people who have a common goal, a common project and make up the Mastermind. They meet nowadays either via group phone, or via Skype, chatrooms, etc.


To share, to learn from each other  and to improve what each one does and what moves each one can make to uplift others, work, happiness, everyone's success, but also the overall project. The main thing is that everyone should support the others and have a basis in every field of positive thinking.



In these meetings, team members share their ideas, questions, triumphs and failures.

Members through questions receive direct feedback from others, while everyone learns from each other's experience and wisdom. Thus together they make a great positive supermind so that they can succeed  and make anything happen.


The meetings of most  mastermind groups are held with particular formality – i.e. in the aforementioned manner – because in this way the process of exchange and learning is achieved to the fullest.





Principle:Each person, one by one, briefly talks about their goals from the previous meeting.


Waist:One predetermined person at a time shares, in detail, any number of problems, complications, questions, and concerns about their condition.

The remaining members then respond and contribute to the discussion by offering suggestions or comments based on their empirical knowledge and/or experience. Also, each person, depending on their field of expertise, offers practical help.


End:Each person, one by one, briefly talks about the goals they want to achieve during the next meeting. Also, the next person to speak in depth and personally is determined so that they can be ready with questions for the group.

Depending on how the founder has built the mastermind group, the structure may be slightly different, but the general idea is the same.


Commitments:The meeting ends after each person has committed to a specific goal that they must have made progress on before the next meeting. 

There must be an online communication channel in which the person who will be designated as the secretary of the group, will record the goal that each person has, because it is important to have the push to achieve each goal, the encouragement and the empowerment.

Only members of the master mind group will be able to see these notes.


There is contact between the meetings:  The most successful groups are those that meet daily. At least there should be contact between sessions via email or text so that there is quick response in encouraging each other. 


What is really beautiful about this structure is that precisely because it is so formal, everyone participates and learns from each other.

If you have participated in informal meetings, you will know that there are usually some people who never speak and thus do not receive any benefit from each meeting. But with this structure, everyone gets the floor.



Objective of the meetings
What happens in these meetings?
Meeting Schedule

Who can participate?


Maximum number of participants - 12 people. 



But since it is very difficult to find people with the following criteria, it may have to be much less.


It is very essential in the personality of each member to have a positive way of thinking in his daily life, in his reactions and in his behavior towards the members of the group and also towards the members of his family. 

This is not as simple as it sounds.

He must believe that everything is possible, not judge, nor self-criticize, never give up, be able to convey this to any other member who needs it, and be able to find new solutions.

Some of the group should have key acquaintances.

Some others should be experts and successful in the field of business. Of course, if a new talent is found who seems to have very good specifications, he might be a useful member even if he hasn't succeeded yet.


But the main characteristic of the members should be a positive mentality which will not be negatively affected by anything, as well as being able to commit that for the predetermined period of a few months, he will "give it his all" and never miss a meeting.


It should be clear from the beginning what he can offer to each member of the group as well as to the basic common goal.

There should be absolute confidentiality and trust as everyone will be sharing the most personal details about their own work as well as the smallest details about the group project.

For this to be done pleasantly one's personality must be simple, peaceful, friendly and fun.

Each member of the group will give great importance and value to the advice of the others, so from the beginning a relationship must be developed without suspicion for this and it is necessary that they be pure personalities, open, friendly.

The mastermind group is like creating the ideal family that you would like to have and therefore there should be no hidden thoughts in any member. Everything should be discussed openly.

If one of the above does not apply to even one member, the mastermind group will fail and if anything is observed that does not follow these rules, that member should leave even if there is no one to replace him.

This is why many mastermind groups work best with only 2-3 people for a long time until they find someone who meets these requirements.​

In order  to judge whether you can join the Humanity mastermind group, you must first answer a questionnaire. mastermind group is right for you.

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About us

The Humanity Mastermind group has as a vision 

increasing prosperity, awareness and frequencies

of all humanity through projects that will provide 

a special education and treatment in all areas.

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