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The Magic Healing Wand

Lemurian Energy Healing and Manifestation Method

Using this method we are able to:


  1. Speed up every treatment

  2. Reduce pain in a matter of minutes

  3. Get rid of the blocks placed in the inner meridians and balance the nerve system

  4. Balance the left and the right hemisphere of the brain

  5. Stop headaches, even migraines.

  6. Activate and balace the circulatory system

  7. Balance the chakras

  8. Activate and cleanse the outer meridians, to repair the muscles and the joints

  9. Scan the aura to search for energy blocks and remove them

  10. Repair the false cell and chakras polarity

  11. Stop bleeding 

  12. Set the immune system in fast recovery

  13. Use the 4 color method to heal in every level, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual

  14. Use the 4 color method for special conditions such as arthritis, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, tumors

  15. Use the group therapy with 2,3 or 4 people, who create a strong square to balance the energy systems of the body

  16. Remove anxiety and stress in just some minutes

  17. Stop a panic attack, even remotely

  18. Activate the workspace for our patients, so as to get therapy, from the first minute of taking a record from them

  19. Activate the waiting hall, in order to treat them, before even seeing them

  20. Combine the life whell for remote healing

  21. Combine the golden geometric shapes of the Sacred Geometry for healing in person or remotely

  22. Create healing geometric patterns

  23. Understand the Physics behind emotions and how emotions work as energy

  24. Remove all the negative feelings from every memory 

  25. Change the past rewriting the memories - great for the worst phobias

  26. Neutralize the old fears, even the ones the patient doesn't know

  27. Remove the fear and the resistance on change

  28. Get into the wand's "field", so as to get in contact with our Higher Self faster, instantly and easy and talk to him to that special place

  29. Increase our sensitivity to energy, "swimming" in the color lake

  30. Get more energy - sensitive, creating a Rainbow in that special place

  31. Increase our insightful ability, so as to mentally enter in every level, even the cell one


Learning Magic Wand Technique Programme


a) Energy Cleansing (at least 4 days must have passed to start the training) 
b) Karmic Cleanse (the same as above)

*The Energy Cleansing price is given from guidance and represents your karmic price


 Part 1 - Activations

Day 1: Spiritual Hypnotherapy - Higher Self and the Treasure Chest. 


Day 2, 3 and 4: Reading of The Magic Book 


Day 5 to 9: Reconnection Healing Sessions for activation (remotely done while you sleep)


Part 2 - Initiation


Day 10: Initiation to the Lemurian Magic Wand Method


Part 3 - Resonance and Learning


Day 11-16: You learn


  • How to resonate with your wand

  • Special protection methods before healing 

  • Cleansing wand methods

  • Activation and charging wand methods

  • How to heal with your wand

  • How to use your wand for abundance

  • How to use your wand to manifest






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