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Messages from another world


Since I was little I felt that "I wasn't from here". Perhaps you have felt it yourself so that the title of the book caught your attention.

I consider this feeling a very basic reason for wanting to learn how to channel. Perhaps it is also the most genuine reason for wanting it.

Intention, WHY one wants it, ultimately plays a role in making it successful.

The purer the intention...the purer that WHY...the higher levels you connect with.
Everyone says that the highest level is the Source. But what exactly does this mean?

It may seem strange to you but the way (or one of the ways) to communicate with Source is through your future self. Of the self that managed in some timeline to reach the LIGHT... to return to the Source... in short, to get out of the matrix.

If something inside of you is "burning" to communicate...not to make money, not to brag...but because you simply can't stand being away from your "home", from your Source any longer...then you are ready about this book...


Chapter 1 - What is channeling?

Channeling:A physical communication between a human and an aspect of Source which can be expressed in numerous ways. 

channel: A channel of light formed in the crown chakra, which confers heightened sensitivity in receiving ideas, inspirations and Divine guidance from levels far above Earthly reality.

Who can channel: Everyone has this ability. It is simply an expression of Creative Source through the body, mind, emotions and senses. E.g. they may give you a suggestion in communication, but you perceive much more than what you write because of the emotional communication, which is also there.

Note that Tesla said "my brain is just a receiver, in the universe there is a core from where we draw (receive) knowledge, power, inspiration." He himself received his discoveries in the form of images that he saw before him and constructed them first in his imagination. This is channeling. 

Inside the Matrix

We all now know the latest discoveries of Physics, regarding the fact that the Earth and the objective reality we experience is an illusion, a virtual projection, a hologram, the so-called Matrix.

Quite simply, one would say that it is preferable if reality, the matrix, is something "constructed", because necessarily, it will obey certain rules and indeed it is.

When we follow these rules, we begin to gain control over   the game of life within this matrix.

The better "players" we become, the more control we have over the matrix and instead of it ruling us, instead of being its pawns, we rule it.

Before we go into these specific rules, let's see what reality is determined by.
Reality is determined by the thoughts, feelings we choose to focus on as well as each person's "soul" blueprint. We'll see below why this is put in quotes.

Chapter 2 - Communication in or out of the Matrix?

Inner realms of existence

Beyond the illusion of objective reality, there are inner levels of existence (spirit world/dimensions). These are levels of energy other than our own, where other souls and beings reside.

Many of these souls have been called by us Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Astral Beings, etc. They are the same souls as ours, with the difference that they exist on other levels of energy with the purpose of supporting each soul to remember the truth within her. The awareness, energy and love of the Divine (Cosmic) Source that exists within every soul, waiting to be experienced and expressed.

Based on the above, channeling is the process through which we gain access to our natural ability and our Divine right to communicate with what we call Divine (I will use this word for better understanding). Channeling gives access to the consciousness, energy and love of Divine Source, allowing them to permeate our being. This energy can then be expressed in various ways. Divine guidance through voice or writing, song, music, art, painting or healing vibrations.

These are accomplished through Divine inspiration, meaning that the person receiving the energy accomplishes them with minimal effort.

This state of union with the Divine need not be experienced as a trance state as many mistakenly believe.

We own so much, rightfully, this Union, this access, that it is our most correct natural state. It's just enough to set the intention and let go completely, without worrying about the result.

Whatever we are trying to achieve, if we are anxious about the outcome, we block it.
The universe is so eager to convey its Light to us and open the way to our Truth, that when a person is left in the right way, however, if they are clean of energy pollution and interfering entities, then it is certain that they will receive the Light .

Otherwise it will receive jammed or plain jammed messages.
Wisdom and healing abilities will then be received to help the person themselves and also to help others. Channeling requires:

-  a focused and calm mind
- faith (regardless of religions)
- trust that there is something  HIGHER   and in your connection to it
- elimination of doubts and negativity
- no suspicious negative thoughts and no association with harmful toxic people 
- to be completely energetically cleansed, so as not to receive information from wrong entities, which are in the matrix

Channeling is a natural process, it is not something strange or scary. It is not at all unusual, even for a person not spiritually or religiously inclined, to be able to channel automatically in their daily life, without even knowing it, through inspired thoughts or when offering guidance or assistance to others and suddenly he realizes that he does not know where these ideas came from or the guidance he gave. Even when we feel those flashes of optimism out of nowhere, when we are overwhelmed by a strong feeling of love, euphoria, happiness, for no reason or an inexplicable strong sense of connection with a person or even the moment the phone rings and we know who it is. All that we experience almost every day is channeling.

Channeling is nothing else  than Hyper-communication.

Examples in nature abound. Ants, when the queen leaves the nest, continue building, no matter how far away she is. But when it dies, even if it happens far from the nest, suddenly the ants don't know what to do. It's as if their queen teleported them the nest building "plans" while she was alive.

The difficulty of this hyper-communication is determined by factors concerning the person who becomes a channel.

Such factors are personal views, devotion to the Divine, type of thoughts, ability to concentrate and the purpose for which the person   has chosen to use his ability of hyper-communication.

For example a negative person, who does not believe in himself enough, will receive disappointing channeling when asked about his plans. A person interested in world news will receive information on this topic. A person who is passionate about healing will receive sophisticated healing techniques. A person who in his daily life has worries, fears, gets angry easily, will receive a phobic channeling that will strengthen his pain. It is impossible to be fearful and receive clear channeling.

Just so a person who focuses on love and simply desires to give, will bring messages of higher vibration, joy, purity and love that will touch the hearts of many.
This is because according to our vibrations, we connect with the corresponding field.
I will not hide from you that most of them are channeling from lower fields and usually from fields within the Matrix.

There are clouds of possibilities or thoughtforms or even specific technologically constructed thoughtforms within a matrix or small or large ranged entities. All of these are considered low-level and contain limiting, lower-level beliefs, such as the belief "spiritual people must be cut off from the rest or unpaid and poor" etc. Let's not forget that thoughtforms are basically entities.

When you have now studied, researched and understood the various levels and limiting beliefs, you can separate who is communicating with lower or higher levels.
As you go up other levels, you will be able to distinguish if what the person received is correct, if it is all correct or which parts are not correct or even and from which side they come.

I am in a position to discern something like that. Even very enlightened people have such moments and I can distinguish them with ease.
This means that I can teach others to do the same!


How do I know that I really have a higher communication?

In higher communication, there is such a flow of information and such inspiration that there is no turning back. It is like the baby that is born and cannot go back into its mother's womb. You change, transform other people's lives and move in the direction of truth, purity, harmony, growth, evolution, love, compassion, kindness, joy, financial comfort and peace of mind. And all these inspirations come without effort, without study, even for areas in which we have no prior knowledge.

Chapter 3 - Why Trust Me?

Usually people prefer to trust someone who has already accomplished what they are teaching, although this is not always right as someone may know everything to help you succeed but be held back by various other factors such as their soul blueprint or his "soul", energy attacks and various others that may not affect you.

But let's see what important I have personally received through channeling so far. Because you'll definitely want to see proof.

My story

The truth is that since I was a child there was a communication but I preferred to explain it with the left hemisphere, with the rational mind.
This experience of mine can be found in detail in the autobiography part contained in "The Book That Writes Itself - The Magic Book (Part I - in the chapters describing the childhood of little Maya) and its development will also be in Part I , in volume 2. Here I will refer more briefly.

I was abused a lot as a child. Going to bed without being spanked was a very rare occurrence. But I was forbidden to cry when I was beaten, because there was a threat "the more you cry, the more wood you will eat". So I always waited until I was alone in my bed to cry.
One night as I was crying, a strong yellowish light appeared on the ceiling. The whole ceiling started to glow. For some strange reason I didn't feel fear, but I felt something pull me up and as if I passed through the ceiling - but without feeling anything - I found myself in a large space that I knew was a spaceship.

Back then, the most advanced children's show on TV was Bolek and Lolek - for those of you who caught it - which didn't even have animation, so it's impossible for me to have seen anything related to spaceships on TV.
But I knew I was in one, and I wasn't worried at all. On the contrary, even though I was lying down and closed in a glass tube, I felt an incredible euphoria.

Around me were some in white robes, like those of doctors, like men in form, but much taller and they were all beautiful and very kind, full of love. We spoke telepathically, which made me start from a child to look for the form of telepathic communication in my other child friends, even as an adult, every new friend I made, the first thing I told him was to try telepathy between us.

This had been going on for quite some time and it was like a refuge for me.

Growing up and reading things, I started to fear it. Wondering if it's really something good or if it's something negative that looks good and so "inside" one day I asked them to stop taking me on the boat, telling them I'm scared. In fact, it hasn't happened since then and I explained it as a fantasy story created by my mind, that they were all something like "imaginary friends", that is, a form of defense to withstand the violence and not feel so alone.

But the feeling that I'm not from "here" grew more and more. My friends used to say ironically "you're not from here" because I forgive easily and it got to really annoying places   when someone treated me too badly they would make bets with each other on how quickly I would forgive person and no one was betting on IF I'll forgive it. Of course I felt bad about it all, but I couldn't change it and deep down I didn't want to either. On the contrary, I would like everyone to forgive. Now I know that this is the most healing of all, but I didn't know it then.

So as this all grew inside of me and I began to feel trapped, like an exile in a place I didn't want to be, I began to plead every night before bed to get in touch with what is my real "home", whatever that may be. that was it. In addition to begging with tears in my eyes, I also did some special techniques concerning the subconscious, in order to attract the Infinite Mind to give me the communication I wanted, but also some other very basic things that I will describe in the appropriate chapter, such as steps you need to take. I've tried so many things and now I know what works and what doesn't.

In the beginning I would get some phrases in Ancient Greek in my sleep, which I would immediately wake up and write them down. Total was only 4.

Then the "red lightnings without sound" began to appear in the sky of Greece in the middle of summer, in the month of August - what you see in the video at the top of the page - and I ran each time with special excitement, on a mountain of Chios with my partner and a friend of ours to watch them, with the intention always in me, to get in touch with something outside our world.

The intention was not entered deliberately to achieve the result, but with real love for "my home there", those who are truly "mine". The longing for this communication burned inside me.
The 1st time we went there, we were happily going up and saying in the street loudly "Come, Come, show up, we want you, we love you" like little kids, really. After we had been watching these strange lightnings for some time, in the cloudless sky, at some point our friend called out:
"UFO! Next to us!" that's all he managed to say and I wonder how he was able to pronounce that too!

I turned to look and INDEED! Suddenly out of nowhere some clouds had appeared and out of them came a cloud with a pink fluorescent light that was as if that cloud was wearing a pink belt rotating and bright. No one could make out any more of course. We were just looking at this strange cloud, which suddenly detached itself and came in front of us. I estimate that it reached about 50 meters from us and a little higher than our heads. It "stood" there in front of us initially motionless. A white cloudy ball small and round. 

I had heard about these kind of spaceships that are like balls due to their dematerialization to withstand Earth density and I started thinking 
"what if they kidnap us? What if they kidnap the others and I stay here in the dark?" 
So I reached out to the others...if we were going somewhere let's all go together.

One said "no... now each one meditate alone" and my hand was left hanging in frustration. Then, of course, he confided that he too was afraid of being taken forever and his corpse being left there.

Feel free to laugh and I laugh now that I remember them. but that moment was quite scary. This cloud craft began to do various strange things. To change shape, one to become like a worm playing in the air spinning, the other to become a ball again and it started to move as the road went and we followed it very scared. This took a long time that none of us can calculate, but this was an initial communication I think.

A little later I also did some pituitary, pineal and brain activation with a special technique. Once the brain activation was complete, I started getting 15-page, 20-page messages every night.

These messages contained scientific knowledge, philosophy, explanations of how the system works on Earth, the matrix, anything one can imagine. Many of these were against my beliefs at the time, but now I completely agree. But to receive scientific knowledge that is confirmed by some new discovery of Physics after a while, is a proof that you did not imagine them but also that these messages know what they are saying! Getting ideas that are against what you believe is also an indication that it is not all coming from your own mind. So I went on and on and on and on.
Until one night and while I only had 40 pages of my book ready, I got the idea to write a note on facebook about the book to promote it. I didn't think about anything...not that the book isn't even ready...nothing...just like hypnotized I started writing...

I didn't even know what I was writing and I realized that when I started reading the text I had just written. My first reaction was to say out loud:
"What is this;;;"

I had written the description of a huge ambitious project. For the sake of truth, I'm giving you the link since this note has now been passed to a rough website. 

Chapter 4 - Taking an entire book... which turned out to be true!

So when I received the project, I didn't know what to do with it and how to get it up and running. It was obvious that it would take too much money. 

The curious thing was that as soon as I posted the project on Facebook, someone's comment about financing 1 BILLION came straight away.

However, a signature is missing for this financing, so I have left this issue open.
Then I tried to raise money through crowdfunding but it was too difficult because the ones who succeed and raise money are the ones who have a team of 10 people sharing it everywhere and I was alone. Even though I worked 6 months of incredible all-nighters on the funding issue, it just didn't seem like it was the way to go, so I quit.

The messages I was getting were telling me to show faith, so I thought I'd take it one piece at a time. To finish the book first, so that the energy of the book is complete and I would see below how I would continue.

So I proceeded to write the book, which was completed in 49 hours of writing. Not bundled up. There were too many obstacles, forcing me to write once every few months.

Whenever I tried to think of the continuation by myself, I always came up with two possible possibilities, but neither felt like the true continuation of the story, nor could I choose between the two. So I left and said:
"Okay then, whoever you are that is passing this book on to me, show me more...send me more..."

and then as if by magic I experienced what Richard Bach also describes as happening to him while writing Jonathan the Seagull. It was like I was watching a mental video, a mental movie, with the sequel and just describing what I was seeing.

It was now very certain that all this was taken from somewhere else.

Anyone who tried to work on the book encountered great problems. E.g. some very good painter tried to make pictures for the book. He lost his inspiration straight away... some things he thought he was painting and some things were coming out on paper. As if there was some strange force that wouldn't let anyone else intervene or some dark force that didn't want the truths about the planet to come out.

I could write normally but there were too many obstacles that left me no time or peace to write.

Finally asking, I got a message telling me that I have no right to accuse some indigenous and alien races and that I have to write a specific preface. Until then I had no preface for the book. After I received the preface as well, the barriers began to dissolve gradually. As if that strange force didn't have a problem with this book anymore.

The book is now ready in Greek, the translation in English was also done.
I'm also curious to see how this will all end, because everything comes as big surprises.
As they say in the messages, if one shows faith and follows the guidance, then doors will magically open before him... and indeed these are the wonderful surprises that lie before me.

So when we receive messages, we must operate in faith and without anxiety.
As much as everyone talks down about publishing a book, however difficult it is, I know that this book will have a decidedly POSITIVE path IF I operate properly, showing faith and following the guidance and signs that accompany it to the letter.

At one point they gave me guidance that it should be released by the end of April 2017. That was early April. I knew this was impossible but on the other hand I knew they knew what they were talking about. In everything they had come out true. I took a leap of faith and thought that if I took steps on the subject of the book - regardless of whether I didn't know what the right steps were - then all would be well and I would be on time. I just had to put time and energy into it.

I found myself many times in a dilemma as to what is the right step, but I listened to my intuition which has now been strongly activated due to over-communication but also due to the fact that I automatically enter Theta waves whenever I want.

Indeed, suddenly I found a wonderful person, translator and linguist, Dimitris Thanasoula. I sent him the text to start translating, without even writing the ending yet. As soon as we got off the phone from our 1st contact, I instantly got the inspiration for the end of the 1st volume. I realized that I had taken the right step by choosing translation instead of editing, even if it seemed like a very "backward" step to the experienced editors out there.

If it wasn't the right step, you see, or even the right person, I wouldn't have been given the continuation of the book right away.

Dimitris was given a deadline to have the book ready by the end of April - because that's what the guidance said and he DID achieve it! Needless to say, Dimitris' email is named akasha from the akashic records! How much importance should we finally give to such small signs and how much importance they have!

No one knew why it had to be ready and on the market by the end of April. We all just showed faith. Finally at some point, after the book was ready, a collaboration took the form of the Magic Teachings & Healings piece of that project. It is a global project of teaching and healing sessions that will change humanity as we know it. We have already started it here for years and it continues now through all that I do, teach and through our viber group.

My earthly mind thought that these particular teachings would be the last piece of the Magic Project after the Magic Place had materialized, but the universe thinks more multidimensionally and thought that the Magic Teachings could start online long before the magic place was ready. Something I would not have realized without guidance.

Through these seminars, man will learn how to materialize any reality he wants with various techniques received, but he will also rediscover the imagination that has been killed. Imagination in a different sense than what we are used to saying. The imagination that moves the electrons and makes you rediscover your status as God - Creator of realities!
It will be possible, through these online teachings, for man to become a good player in the Matrix! You can say that and I imagine so!

At the same time they started sending me new advanced healing techniques used in Ancient Lemuria, such as the Healing Wand.

Synchronicities? Unbelievable!

The day I received the Healing Wand technique, my mother woke up with an excruciating pain in her hand, which was deformed as well as swollen. She was inflamed, she couldn't hold anything, not even a glass of water, and not even have anyone touch her inflamed wrist. The bone in the wrist was clearly sticking out, it looked like deforming arthritis.


I followed the instructions in the message on this particular technique and after just one session, her hand was back to normal! Not only visually, but after the session he could lift a heavy plastic tub full of wet heavy clothes and carry them up to the roof!

In the picture above, you can see the hands before and the hands after the Healing Wand session!

They gave me a whole 16 day program on how to teach this technique to others!
In the same message I was told that if I take a wand made of a certain stone, then people who have received the initiation of the "Maya" realization technique and will make an effort to realize wealth, if I also add a special technique to them with this new wand, they will receive instant money!

I have neglected this part and while I have found ONE such stick in stone shops throughout Greece the following becomes strange. Its price keeps dropping, the wand is still there... and I'm not worried at all that I have other priorities for now... because I know it's waiting for me!

Perhaps the saying that says that the wand chooses its owner!

(I took the stick, some activations happened to me suddenly and I can do it without a stick)

And if you're still not convinced if you can trust me, I'll save you the best for last!

Which was a huge surprise for me too!

The book turned out to be true!

Chapter 5 - My Book Came True!

At some point, a friend who had made an attempt at translation before Dimitris sent me a link from the video you will see at the end of the chapter. The link was accompanied by the proposal 

"Your book turned out to be true!"

At first I didn't take it seriously...because the title of the video said something about Hollow Earth...about an entrance they have discovered.

I thought "oh many entrances have been discovered...shut up, that doesn't mean my book turned out to be true" and so I didn't watch the video...I kept neglecting it, despite this good friend's constant urging.

Finally we have a conversation and he tells me:
"You have to see the video! The colors you describe inside the Hollow Earth are exactly what are described in the video and even explained, the height of the beings, it's the same, everything is the same... even elves were found there! your book turned out to be true!"

As you can see, after this description, I could not ignore it any longer. Even though I was very tired, I laid down and played the video.

Indeed, everything is the same! From the square "mats" that I describe that step on and open doors, to the halls that I describe with holograms that show the history of the Universe and the Earth...
Everything was the entrance of the Hollow Land, in the Bucheji Mountains!

Title of the video : Mystery city in Romania!!! Do you know who it is???? They don't tell the world anything! They hide it!!  

How could the gentleman who made the video know, that the biggest mystery is that my book describes all this, in every detail, without me having a clue!  Maybe I should let him know…

The video:

The shock I got was indescribable!

But then I pulled from my memory bank a strange incident that I experienced when I was studying in Romania! An event that made me feel that something is happening to me and Romania...maybe some past life?

Chapter 6 - Past Life or Parallel Lives?

So when I saw that my book turned out to be true, not in some random country, but in Romania where I lived for 7 years for my medical studies, an inexplicable phenomenon that I had experienced there immediately came to my mind.

I was studying in the city of Timisoara, and as some friendships with Greeks turned out to be very "alleged", I started for a while to just take care of myself and take the opportunity to do things I liked since in Romania everything was cheap at the time.

So I started   to row again which was my passion, to learn drums and guitar. Great memories from drum lessons. I still remember the strange smell that the School of Fine Arts had...the strange old tiles in the huge corridors and the magically dim light coming in as I waited outside the door for the drum teacher to finish the previous lesson. Whenever I left class, baguettes in hand, I felt extra tall and arched, like I'd drunk from Alice in Wonderland's "get tall" bottle.

I took guitar lessons at home with a young man from the most famous Romanian rock band at the time. This young man is now a well-known soloist, I see him and am proud of him. So he started taking me with him to their rehearsals...where they taught me "highway to hell" on the drums. There I met their bass player who started flirting with me non-stop. We started dating and wherever they went to concerts they took me with them. At one point we had to go to Orandia, the bass player's home town, stay one night to go to another town afterwards for a concert.

At one point the kids told me to drive the van that had the instruments...I don't even remember why they got into another car. I had no problem with that and off we went. I would follow them because I had never been to Orandia before and of course I didn't know where the bassist's parents' house was.

On the way I lost them but it didn't bother me at all. I continued to drive as if hypnotized, taking turns with ease as if I knew where I was going. I still have a picture of the road with the last bend. Suddenly I arrive in front of  a Gothic villa and apply the parking brake. I get out of the car and take a look behind the van, downhill. The car with the others appeared.

They went outside and shouted "My God! Where are you? We thought we wouldn't find you. How did you know the way to Mitche's house?"

At that moment it was as if I came out of the hypnotic state. I was looking at them, at the house...

Had I found the house? How did this happen? 

Without any effort, without any stress...

Then we jokingly said that something was happening with me and Romania, that   maybe I had lived some previous life in Orandia... and maybe that explained how I learned Romanian in a month.
But now that my book came out real and even identical in Romania, I had to find out if these mountains are near Orandia...and of course guess what!

Yes it is!

Tell me, doesn't this solve a mystery...

And yet! 

Not only does it solve many mysteries, but it brings us closer to a Universal Truth that has been hidden from us...

This great truth explains the deja vu, the apparition of ghosts, how I received this book from my future   self but still it is fair to own the book, the phenomenon with Romania and whatever paranormal and unexplained phenomenon you have ever encountered in your life. 

So if, after I have recorded some of my experiences, you feel that you can trust my own Hyper-communication, we begin our magical journey through the space-time of the Synchronized Universe...
Strap in...and off we go!

Chapter 7 - Nikola Tesla & entering the Synchronized Universe

People often synchronize with each other. Think about women who have different cycles and when they start hanging out, their cycles sync up. 

But what does this mean? That their hormonal system acquires a harmony, a coordination, which regulates each separate biological system accordingly. But bodies aren't the only thing that tunes out.
Quantum Physics has now proven that there is no vacuum between material bodies. There is no void, it means there is nothing at rest, nothing still. And everything has its own vibration of a specific frequency. Every organ in the human body, every planet, every particle.
If you go into a musical instrument store and pluck the string of one guitar, all the other guitars in the same room will tune to the same frequency.

This phenomenon is known   and therapists. They call it entrainment and they mean that one person drags the other into their own frequency. The higher frequency always "wins".

So if in a couple, the man and the woman have different frequencies, the one who has higher will slowly lead the other to raise his.

Nature is full of significant signs of coordination and the beauty of synchronicity. 
The famous Physicist David Bohm, taught that beyond the physical sensible world, there is a deeper mysterious order of undivided wholeness. Already in 1980 he considered the visible world as a hologram.

He said that the visible world is simply a projection from higher dimensions of reality and that nothing is truly solid.

Physicist Nikola Tesla, to whom all the discoveries of our time and of the future are due, communicated with the core of the universe as he himself said. From there he got all his ideas. His ideas were conveyed to him through a Hyper-Communication. Tesla discovered that the Earth as well as man   receives, stores and transmits energy. He also discovered the ether which is what connects everything together. 

Physicist Laviolette asserts "the concentrations of the substrate that make up the ether, are the energy fields that form the basis of all matter and all energy in our universe. The changing ether is the original source of creation. The source of all sources."

The reactions of the aether create gradients of wave-like fields that form what we observe as physical phenomena and quantum structural forms, including any particles, force fields, and electromagnetic waves.

These theories of Laviolette, which do not differ at all from those of Tesla and are essentially a unified field theory, can explain what classical Physics has been unable to explain until now and have their basis in the existence of this primordial changing ether.
That is to say, these new theories and discoveries of Physics now explain channeling but also any paranormal phenomena, such as A.T.I.A., apparition of ghosts, telekinesis, distance healing and any other paranormal phenomenon you called until now as unexplained.

The ether is the original source of creation says Laviolette and Tesla used Vedic terms to now describe the ether after the initiations he received such as Prana and Akasa. Akasha of course means the akashic fields or records.

Hyper-communication therefore has a completely scientific explanation and even through the leading scientist Tesla.

When someone connects and "downloads" a book from somewhere else, it is a completely natural and normal phenomenon, because they connect through the Ether, or if you like, they "download" it from the Akashic records.
In the Akashic records is everything that has been written in the past, present and future since all of these are not separate but exist within the great, eternal NOW. Physics has now also proven that time is not linear, but that everything happens simultaneously.

That is, when I say that my future self is sending me this book, it is not something outside of me, but it is I who is sending it to me. Another self of mine, perhaps, which is in the future. A piece of me... what we would call my complete consciousness... because here we are only using a part of it.

Chapter 8 - Knowing the future

When I was a small child, it was as if I knew that depending on how I acted at that particular moment, the next day would be transformed. Of course, then I felt it more as if my every action could create luck or misfortune for me.

I was experiencing very bad situations at home. Quarrels with my people, violence and abuse, as you will see if you read my other   book (The self-written book, which also contains an autobiography).  So there were many nights when I fell asleep crying, trying to talk to God and asking him 

"Do this or do that? Please show me which of the two will bring me a beautiful, peaceful, happy day tomorrow."

This was something that caused me to be constantly in dilemmas, something that can be extremely torturous, but I could not imagine then how important it is to the lives of all of us, nor could I ever think that there would come a day when God would really he will speak to me and guide me. 

That there will come a day when he will tell me "if you do this this will happen to you...if you do the other everything will be fine, doors will magically open!"

And you know this last one is more beautiful than if he told me "so and so will be beautiful", because no matter how we do it, I'm a person who loves surprises.

And who doesn't love them when they're always positive?    ;)

I feel infinitely grateful for this and of course it is due to the Hyper-Communication I have acquired.
It is in my opinion the greatest of the beautiful and varied benefits of Hyper-Communication.

That is why I decided to write this book. Because I want more people to have the opportunity to experience this.

Isn't it great? 

What do you say; Would you like? Do you find this book interesting?

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Chapter 9 - How to Get Hyper-Communicated Too

In summary, what ensures a successful extra-Matrix Hyper-Communication are the following:

1. Gradual cleansing of the harmful vibrations that our physical body "carries".
2. Changing our daily routine so that our vibrations rise
3. Changing our way of thinking
4. Special techniques for increasing vibrations
5. Special techniques to eliminate harmful limiting beliefs and change them with positive and beneficial ones, which will bring us happiness and success. The happier we are, the higher our vibrations will rise and the longer they will stay at peak levels.
6. Special techniques of subconscious re-programming not only in terms of beliefs but also powerful programs.
7. Special quantum hypnosis

We will study all this in detail in the next chapters.

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