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The transformative learning experiences of our teachings, have been designed to help our students grow up.

Our teachings come from the modern physics, higher fields of existence, but also from the ancient Lemuria. They reflect the vibrational energy of the highest levels of the Universe.


We are here to help you stand out, with a growing and developing team.
Are you ready to reach your highest potential?
If so, COME with us! 

Here you can read about Korina.

Our services

Korina's method have nothing to do with magic, sects or anything like that.
Instead, we dream of bringing the Light to humanity and the love in everyone's heart.

Our teachings

Our teachings lead you through a spiritual and magical trip having special techniques, guided mediations, powerful reality creation techniques, REAL and INSTANT belief deletion and much more, which will show you how to become the master of your reality. This is your chance to grow up, to heal and evolve.

You can even become a teacher or a healer for other people or we can even prepare you to work with us for the  common good. 


Our healings

Holistic methods coming from the latest physics, higher fields of existence, but also from the Ancient Lemuria. Lemuria was the era before Atlantis and our origin concerning the earth fields.


Lemurians were spiritually advanced beings of a higher consciousness, who used remote healing for every disease - physical or emotionas - without any side effects or therapeutical crises.  


The Lemurian Healing is much stronger than any other energy healing method you have ever used.
You can even become a Lemurian Healer using our teachings. 
Our teachings are courses given for the very first time on the planet. 
We have intentionally added in our courses the Lemurian healing energy and brain and DNA activation, in order to help you harmonize, feel your healing energy, your activation and permanently be in contact with your Higher Self and the common good, so as to be given guidance and healing in your everyday life.


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